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Scientific aims

The London Movember Centre of Excellence is part of a coordinated research effort on prostate cancer in the lab and the clinic with the aim of redefining and personalising the care given to men with prostate cancer.

Abiraterone, a drug used to treat advanced prostate cancer was discovered and developed at the ICR

The London Centre is bringing together leading researchers across different scientific disciplines to tackle important unanswered questions in prostate cancer, and move research towards benefiting men with the disease as quickly as possible.

The programme vision for the London Centre is to stratify diagnosis, management and treatment of prostate cancer, and to provide an individualised and more precise approach to each man’s prostate cancer journey to improve overall outcome.

To achieve our aims, the programme is conducting a series of projects designed to find ways of diagnosing potentially lethal disease early and to personalise treatment.

Projects are looking to understand how men at high risk of prostate cancer can best be monitored to diagnose the disease early, how clinicians can tell which men with prostate cancer are likely to develop potentially lethal disease that needs treatment, and how to use circulating biomarkers to personalise treatment and respond to early signs of drug resistance.