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ICR-CTSU data and sample sharing arrangements

We are committed to responsible sharing of clinical trial data and trial research samples with the wider research community to improve knowledge about cancer.

The availability of patient data and sample collections is vital for research into cancer. We oversee a large resource of patient data and linked patient samples generated from our clinical trials and recognise its potential to help address critical research questions beyond those in the original trial protocol.

We have a responsibility to ensure that clinical trial data and samples are shared within the terms of the consent with which they were collected and in accordance with relevant governance and legislation. We prioritise sharing for research projects of high scientific value and with due regard to the terms and conditions of the funders and sponsors of the original research.

Our data and sample access policy is framed around the importance of:

  • Protecting our study participants’ rights and confidentiality
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements
  • Prioritising access to ensure the optimal use of resources, especially depletable sample resources
  • Fostering high quality research and collaborations

You can find out more about how to make an access request and how this is reviewed using the links below: 

Data and Sample Access policy

Data and Sample Access Request form

If you are interested in requesting access to ICR-CTSU data or samples please contact [email protected] for discussion with the relevant team.