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FAST trial

FAST - Prospective randomised clinical trial testing 5.7 Gy and 6.0 Gy fractions of whole breast radiotherapy in terms of late normal tissue responses and tumour control.

Disease site: Breast cancer

Treatment modality: Radiotherapy

Status: In active follow-up

Trial details

The FAST trial aims to test 5 fractions of 5.7 Gy and 6.0 Gy against 25 fractions of 2.0 Gy in terms of late normal tissue effects and tumour control in women prescribed whole breast radiotherapy (no boost) after local excision of early breast cancer.  

915 patients were recruited into the trial between October 2004 and March 2007. 19 UK centres participated in the trial.

Further information for potential participants

Patient Information Sheet (Version 4a)

Patient Information Sheet (Version 4b)

Further information for healthcare professionals


Chief Investigator: Professor John Yarnold, The Institute of Cancer Research & Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

ICR-CTSU Scientific Lead: Professor Judith Bliss 

ISRCTN: 62488883

Sponsor: The Institute of Cancer Research

Funding: Cancer Research UK programme grant funding

A lay summary in plain English is available from Cancer Research UK

Publications and presentations

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The FAST Trialists Group. First results of the randomised UK FAST Trial of radiotherapy hypofractionation for treatment of early breast cancer (CRUKE/04/015). Radiother. Oncol. 2011;100(1):93-100

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Tsang YM, Venables K, Sydenham M, on behalf of the  FAST Working Party. Interim quality assurance (QA) analysis of treatment plans in the 'Faster Radiotherpay for Breast Cancer patients'  (FAST) Trial. NCRI Cancer Conference; 2006.

Sydenham M, Haviland J, Donovan E, Venables K, Bliss JM, Yarnold J, on behalf of the FAST Trial Management Group. Further testing of radiotherapy hypofractionation (fewer, larger fractions) in early breast cancer - The FAST Trial. NCRI Cancer Conference; 2006.

Yarnold J, Bloomfield D, LeVay J, et al. Prospective randomised trial testing 5.7 Gy and 6.0 Gy fractions of whole-breast radiotherapy in women with early breast cancer (FAST Trial). Clin. Oncol. (R. Coll. Radiol). 2004;16(6):S30 #P3.02

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