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BC2001 is a randomised phase III study of radiotherapy with and without synchronous chemotherapy in muscle invasive bladder cancer.

Disease site: Urological cancer, bladder cancer

Treatment modality: Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

Status: In active follow-up

Trial details

BC2001 is a randomised phase III study of radiotherapy with and without synchronous chemotherapy in muscle invasive bladder cancer. It aims to investigate, in the conservative management of invasive bladder cancer, the efficacy and toxicity of synchronous chemo-radiotherapy compared to radiotherapy alone, and whether modifying the volume of bladder treated by 'full dose' radiotherapy can reduce toxicity. The trial opened to recruitment in August 2001, the radiotherapy comparison closed in 2006 and the chemotherapy comparison closed in April 2008. A total of 458 patients were recruited.


View a lay summary of the BC2001 results prepared by CRUK.

Further information

Chief Investigator: Professor Nicholas James

ICR-CTSU Scientific Lead: Professor Emma Hall

Trial management contact: Hannah Gribble- Trial Manager ([email protected])

ISRCTN: 68324339

Sponsor: University of Birmingham

Funding: Cancer Research UK (CRUK/01/004)

Further information on the BC2001 trial may be found on the following sites:

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Publications and presentations

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