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ICR-CTSU clinical trials

The ICR-CTSU manages a number of trials in different disease sites. Use the filter below to view trials for each cancer type:


Open to recruitment


A phase III trial of intensity-modulated proton beam therapy versus intensity-modulated radiotherapy for multi-toxicity reduction in oropharyngeal cancer.

In follow-up


Randomised multicentre accelerated radiotherapy study of dose escalated intensity modulated radiotherapy versus standard dose intensity modulated radiotherapy in patients receiving treatment for locally advanced laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancers.


A multicentre randomised study of cochlear sparing intensity modulated radiotherapy versus conventional radiotherapy in patients with parotid tumours.


A phase III randomised multicentre study of dysphagia optimised intensity modulated radiotherapy (Do-IMRT) versus standard intensity modulated radiotherapy (S-IMRT) in head and neck cancer.


Phase III multicentre randomised controlled trial of parotid sparing intensity modulated radiation therapy  in patients with head and neck cancer.

Division of Clinical Studies

The division carries out or coordinates high-quality trials and translational research at both an early phase – typically to test new targeted drugs – and a later stage.

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