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Our research into bladder cancer

We are improving the way bladder cancer is treated and helping patients live well for longer.

Our researchers led a historic clinical trial which changed how bladder cancer is treated, and we are developing new drugs and radiotherapy techniques to treat bladder cancer more effectively.

Our latest bladder cancer news

Meet our researchers

Our progress against bladder cancer

Clinical trials

Researchers in our Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit (CTSU) led a landmark clinical trial which looked at different ways of giving radiotherapy to patients with bladder cancer.

The trial found that giving radiotherapy and chemotherapy at the same time helped stop bladder cancer from coming back, without causing more long term side effects.

This led to changes in clinical guidance, improving the quality of life for patients with bladder cancer.


We are improving how radiotherapy is used to treat bladder cancer.

In a recent study, our researchers showed that a shorter radiotherapy course with fewer but larger doses reduced the risk of bladder cancer coming back after treatment, with no increased risk of side effects, and would mean patients needing 12 fewer trips to hospital.

We are now strongly advocating for clinical guidance to be changed so that more patients can access the shorter radiotherapy course.

Having a shorter course of radiotherapy, and fewer visits to hospital, made a massive difference to our lives during what was a very difficult time.

- Eric Edwards, 64

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New drugs

We are pioneers in trialling new treatments for bladder cancer. Our researchers recently led a global clinical trial looking into a new type of cancer drug which acts as a ‘Trojan horse’ to get inside tumour cells and kill them.


A recent study led by our researchers found that MRI scans could be used to help doctors focus radiotherapy more precisely towards tumours in the bladder, minimising damage to healthy tissue.

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As a UK charity, our life-saving research relies on the generosity of individuals and organisations. Our supporters help us make a difference to the lives of cancer patients and their families everywhere.


Latest news on bladder cancer

Meet our researchers

Professor Robert Huddart

Robert huddart

Robert Huddart researches how to improve radiotherapy treatment for bladder cancer, as well as the genetic causes of testicular cancer.

Professor Robert Huddart

Dr Shaista Hafeez

Dr Shaista Hafeez

Shaista Hafeez specialises in radiotherapy and treating urological cancers. Her research aims to improve patient outcomes by using radiotherapy, particularly using MRIs.

Dr Shaista Hafeez

Professor Nicholas James

Nicholas James profile_Sq

Nicholas James is a clinical academic who seeks to improve patient outcomes via large scale clinical trials. His work focuses on bladder and prostate cancer.

Professor Nicholas James

Dr Matthew Blackledge


Matthew Blackledge is conducting a three-year independent research project on medical image analysis of bone metastasis.

Dr Matthew Blackledge

Dr Anna Wilkins

Dr Anna Wilkins

Anna Wilkins is investigating how different features of the tumour microenvironment, including non-cancerous cells, might help prostate and bladder tumours survive after radiotherapy.

Dr Anna Wilkins