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Top breast cancer scientist recognised by the Academy of Medical Sciences

Professor Clare Isacke (photo: Terry Benson)

Photo: Terry Benson

Professor Clare Isacke has been elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the advancement of cancer research.

Professor Isacke leads a team of breast cancer scientists within the Breast Cancer Now Research Centre at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and is also the Academic Dean.

There are 47 new Fellows elected this year for their contribution to medical research and healthcare, the generation of new knowledge and its translation into benefits to society.

Professor Isacke focuses her research on the interaction of tumour cells with their microenvironment to understand the mechanisms that drive breast cancer’s spread.

Professor Isacke said: “I am delighted to receive this prestigious honour, which is an acknowledgement of my team’s exceptional efforts to defeat breast cancer and a reflection of the excellent scientific facilities, staff and environment here at the ICR and the support of Breast Cancer Now.”

Professor Isacke studied at the University of Oxford and the Salk Institute in San Diego, US, before starting her own research laboratory at Imperial College London.

In 2001, she moved to the ICR to take up an appointment as Professor of Molecular Cell Biology. In 2013, Professor Isacke was appointed as the ICR’s Academic Dean.

Professor Isacke will be formally admitted to the Academy at a ceremony in London on 29 June 2016.


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