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Pioneers receive honorary ICR degrees


17 July 2013


Three pioneering figures from the worlds of medicine, science and finance have received honorary degrees from The Institute of Cancer Research, London, at a glittering annual award ceremony.

They joined 35 students who received PhDs and more than 50 who were awarded a variety of masters degrees, doctorates of medicine or postgraduate certificates or diplomas, in the ceremony at the University of London’s Senate House.

Professor Dame Janet Husband received an honorary degree for her pioneering work in cancer imaging, including research using a prototype of the world’s first CT body scanner at Northwick Park Hospital in the 1970s.

Professor Sir Mike Stratton was awarded his honorary degree for driving forward the field of cancer genetics – leading the team at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) that discovered the BRCA2 gene and launching the Cancer Genome Project.

The Honourable Thomas Henderson received an honorary degree after setting up the hugely innovative BACIT (Battle Against Cancer Investment Trust) fund, designed to provide annual donations to the ICR plus investments to take drugs and technologies into the clinic.

The annual award ceremony provides an opportunity for the ICR to celebrate the achievement of its new graduates, former employees and other individuals who have played a key role in supporting our mission, to make the discoveries that defeat cancer.

Sophie Florence Riches and Jun He won the Chairman’s prizes as the two outstanding graduating PhD students. Gillian Coombes, Paul Hyett and Judith Mills became Associates of the Institute, and Clive Heaphy, Luke Johnson, Professor Richard Marais, Win Robbins and Mike Weston became Members of the Institute.

New graduates received their degrees from Professor Sir Adrian Smith, Vice-Chancellor of the University of London.

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