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Over drinks, three ICR researchers talk science

On Wednesday 20 May, three Institute of Cancer Research scientists will be taking over the Somers Town Coffee House Pub to talk about their research with the public. 

The event is part of Pint of Science, an international three-day festival that brings the latest scientific research to a pub near you. 

Dr Emma Harris, Dr Sarah Gulliford and Martin Menten will be speaking about radiotherapy and how it can be used to track and target cancer in the session, titled: 'Tracking tumours, cancer in our sights.'

There will be some fun, interactive elements, along with three talks for a general audience. The event starts at 7 pm on Wednesday evening and £3 tickets are available here. 

Now in its third year, Pint of Science aims to create a real dialogue between researchers and the general public. The founders decided that there was no better place to do this than in the relaxed surroundings of the local pub. 

PhD student Martin Menten will be talking about anatomical changes, which take place over the weeks of radiation treatment but can also happen in seconds, and how they affect radiotherapy. 

Dr Sarah Gulliford will discuss the trade-offs involved in radiotherapy with a talk called "Would you rather." She will talk about the research being carried out at the ICR to reduce the side-effects of radiotherapy.

And Dr Emma Harris, Leader of the Imaging for Radiotherapy Adaptation Team, will finish off the evening speaking about her work with ultrasound – listening to tumours to help guide cancer therapy.

About 40% of people with cancer will have radiotherapy, and the evening is an opportunity to talk about this treatment while spreading the word about some of the amazing work being done at the ICR to improve outcomes. 

Radiotherapy is an important element of research carried out at the ICR and The Royal Marsden. We are sharing the Somers Town Coffee House with Cancer Research UK and the nearby Francis Crick Institute, who will be giving talks on fighting cancer as a team, and depression, on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 May. 

So, if you’re free on that Wednesday in May, near King’s Cross, and fancy hearing about how researchers set their sights on cancer, please do get a ticket.
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