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Meet our new team members

Members of the ICR's Business and Innovation team

New faces have joined the Business and Innovation Office here at The Institute of Cancer Research, London since our last newsletter. They’re helping us further expand our work with industry and academic partners.

Meet them here!

Dr Jon WilkinsonDr Jon Wilkinson is our new Senior Business Development Manager. His team works closely with our Divisions of Breast Cancer Research, Cancer Biology, Cancer Therapeutics and Structural Biology – all of which have extensive interactions with industry, contributing to the discovery and development of new cancer treatments and technologies now used across the world.

Jon joins the ICR from Imperial College London, where he led projects to commercialise research from its Faculty of Medicine. He works alongside a team led by Alan Stuttle – covering our Divisions of Clinical Studies, Genetics and Epidemiology, Molecular Pathology and Radiotherapy and Imaging – while Dr Toby Richardson has become our overall Head of Business Development and Deputy Director of Business and Innovation.

Dr Jenny WorthingtonDr Jenny Worthington joins the ICR as our Business Development Manager. Previously Jenny was responsible for the evaluation, protection and commercialisation of technology and IP assets arising from the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine at Kings College London.

Jenny holds a PhD in Cancer Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry from University College London and most recently was an Innovation Adviser at Newable Ltd., where she delivered strategic and tailored business advisory support to London-based SMEs to enable profitable growth through innovation.

Contact Jon and Jenny if you’re interested in collaborating with any of our researchers, have a research idea you’d like to take forward with an academic partner, or want to license an academic discovery in oncology for further development.

Enabling contracts

Dr Charlotte WaldenMeanwhile a brand new Enabling Contracts team, led by Dr Charlotte Walden, will streamline the approval of a range of agreements from simple CDAs and MTAs to academic consultancies and complex international consortium agreements.

Charlotte holds a D.Phil in lipid biochemistry from the University of Oxford and completed a postdoc in organelle biogenesis there, before spending several years as a Global Project Manager at Unilever. She then took up a position as Research and Business Development Manager for Structural and Chemical Biology at the University of Leicester.


We are also benefiting from the experience and expertise of the three Entrepreneurs-in-Residence working with the Business and Innovation Office!

Heather King, David Browning and Simon Devonshire are working with our scientists to identify and de-risk research projects into commercial prospects. Find out more about the expertise they bring to the ICR’s business development team and how to get in touch with them here.

Contact us

The ICR is one of the world’s leading higher education institutions in industry collaboration and has current agreements with more than 100 companies. Since 2005 we’ve discovered 20 drug candidates and taken 11 into clinical trials, in partnership with industry partners.

We collaborate with companies from small biotech and medtech firms to big pharma to translate our discoveries into new cancer treatments and technologies.

Find out more about us and how to get in touch!


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