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Investigator Award for Institute Scientist


Friday 7 November 2008


Dr Eric So, team leader at The Institute of Cancer Research, has been named one of twelve scientists to be praised as "Europe's most talented young researchers" by the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO).


The title, EMBO Young Investigator, is highly sought by young researchers due to the programme’s worldwide reputation for excellence. The programme received 116 applications this year and successful recipients have established research groups in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland.


Now in its ninth year, the EMBO Young Investigator programme annually identifies the brightest and most promising European young researchers at a critical stage of their scientific careers.


Young group leaders receive a range of benefits designed to smooth the transition during the start up of their first independent research laboratories and as they develop reputations in the scientific community. EMBO Members select the group leaders themselves to join the programme each year.


Dr Eric So is delighted to have received this award:


"I am deeply honoured to receive this award from the EMBO in recognition of the work that my team and myself has carried out and I look forward to the opportunities for our research group"


In the past year, research by Dr Eric So and his team at The Institute revealed how particular enzymes play a crucial role in the development of leukaemia.


“EMBO Young Investigators gain financial, academic and practical support to advance their careers,” explains Gerlind Wallon, EMBO Deputy Director and manager of the Young Investigator Programme.


“The programme helps to endorse and promote these young scientists as active and recognised contributors to European research.”


For more information, please visit the EMBO website.


More information about Dr So's work can be found on The Institute's website.

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