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ICR scientists attend 10 Downing Street reception with Prime Minister Theresa May for sarcoma research

Ian Judson and Paul Huang at 10 downing st carousel

ICR Professors Ian Judson (left) and Paul Huang attended the event at Number 10 Downing Street (photo: No. 10 Official Photography Team).

Leading researchers from The Institute of Cancer Research, London and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust attended a reception at Number 10 Downing Street with Prime Minister Theresa May – to raise awareness of research into sarcoma, a rare cancer.

ICR researchers Professor Winette Van der Graaf, Professor Janet Shipley, Professor Ian Judson, Dr Robin Jones, Dr Paul Huang and Dr Clare Turnbull, and The Royal Marsden’s Dr Dirk Strauss and Chief Executive Cally Palmer were invited to the reception, which brought together more than 130 people who could help to transform the landscape for sarcoma.

The reception, a partnership between Number 10 and the charity Sarcoma UK, brought patients, clinicians and leading researchers face to face with politicians and health policy makers. Attendees discussed what is needed to improve awareness and treatment of the disease.

Lindsey Bennister and theresa may midarticle

Sarcoma UK Chief Executive Lindsey Bennister (left) meets Prime Minister Theresa May at the event (photo: No. 10 Official Photography Team).

One in eight child cancers

Ten people are diagnosed with sarcoma, which affects the bone and soft tissue, every day. It makes up 12% of all cancers diagnosed in children.

The event was an opportunity to look to the future in support of the mission of charities like Sarcoma UK and the ICR to find effective treatment for sarcoma.

The Prime Minister made a speech in memory of Chris Martin, Principal Private Secretary to former Prime Minister David Cameron, who died from sarcoma a year ago.

Professor van der Graaf, leader of the Clinical and Translational Sarcoma Team at the ICR, said: “I am proud of the work I do with Sarcoma UK and my colleagues at the ICR and The Royal Marsden to help diagnose and treat sarcomas more effectively.

"It was a pleasure to attend 10 Downing Street and hear from sarcoma patients and inspirational people who are helping patients with sarcoma every day. I hope that the support of 10 Downing Street will help to promote the disease more widely to raise awareness and improve funding for sarcoma research.”


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