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ICR researchers present at global cancer conference


Friday 31 May 2013


The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2013 Annual Meeting begins today in Chicago, and a series of researchers from The Institute of Cancer Research, London, will be presenting their findings at this prestigious conference.

Every year, over 25,000 researchers and clinicians from around the world meet at the ASCO conference to share their latest findings and expertise. This year, researchers from The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) are involved in almost 40 presentations due to be given at the conference.

Between now and Tuesday 4 June, ICR researchers will be presenting their findings, both verbally and in poster form, on a wide range of topics:

  • Professor Johann de Bono, Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine at the ICR and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology at The Royal Marsden, is involved in a number of presentations on prostate cancer. These include evaluations of methods for early diagnosis and monitoring of prostate cancer, and several studies looking to optimise use of the drug abiraterone, discovered at the ICR and now available on the NHS. Professor de Bono will also present a selection of findings from Phase I trials of cutting-edge targeted therapies being conducted at the ICR’s and The Royal Marsden’s joint Drug Development Unit.
  • Professor Andrew Pearson, Cancer Research UK Professor of Paediatric Oncology at the ICR and Consultant in Paediatric Oncology at The Royal Marsden, is involved in a variety of presentations on treatments for advanced-stage cancers in children. These include research examining ways of judging prognosis for children with neuroblastoma, as a way of helping doctors decide how aggressive treatment should be.
  • Dr Michael Ong, Clinical Fellow at the Drug Development Unit, is presenting preliminary results from a clinical trial of new treatments for advanced solid tumours. His colleague Dr Gerhardt Attard, Cancer Research UK Clinical Scientist at the ICR and an Honorary Consultant at The Royal Marsden, will be presenting results from evaluations of drug treatments for advanced prostate cancer.
  • Professor Ros Eeles, Professor of Oncogenetics at the ICR, will be presenting some early research on the genetics of prostate cancer risk, and the extent to which patients at high risk can be screened for the disease to pick up early signs.


For more information about work being presented by The Institute of Cancer Research at this year's ASCO Annual Meeting, please visit our research blog.

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