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ICR donors celebrate a year of scientific discovery

Members of The Institute of Cancer Research, London’s Discovery Club gathered at the 4th Annual Reception to celebrate the scientific achievements made possible over the past year thanks to philanthropic investment from donors and supporters.

The iconic library at The Royal Society of Chemistry, home to one of the finest collections of works on the chemical sciences in Europe, was the spectacular setting for the event. 

Guests gathered to hear from the ICR’s Chairman Luke Johnson, Chief Executive Professor Paul Workman, and Clinical Research Fellow and PhD student Dr Ravindhi Murphy. 

Luke Johnson opened the event and expressed gratitude to the members of The Discovery Club for their generous investment in the ICR. He told guests that he continued to be impressed by, and proud of, the stream of discoveries made by our scientists and clinicians. 

Professor Workman showcased some of our key scientific achievements of the year and highlighted progress on long-term strategic initiatives, including the MR Linac project to pioneer new radiotherapy technology, and the Centre for Cancer Imaging, which is now occupied and operational. He also looked towards 2016 and the ICR’s major priority to build a new Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery. 

Dr Murphy closed the speeches by giving a first-hand account of what it is like to be a PhD student at the ICR and her training as a medical doctor. She told guests about her work on clinical trials and how she was both humbled and motivated to be working with patients. 

Guests then enjoyed the opportunity to meet with scientists and clinicians from across all disciplines of research at the ICR, over drinks and canapes. 

Lara Jukes, Director of Development at the ICR, said: “The annual reception is the highlight in The Discovery Club annual programme of events, in which its members are updated on the ICR’s progress and the developments which are made possible by their support. The ICR relies on philanthropic investment to pump-prime new initiatives and explore new avenues of research. We are truly grateful to our donors for their part in helping us make the discoveries that defeat cancer.” 

Fundraising priorities for The Discovery Club 2016 include investment in the planned Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery, the development of a new and innovative microscopy suite, and helping to train the cancer research leaders of the future. 

If you would like to learn more about The Discovery Club, or to get involved, please contact Louise Dean, Development Manager, at [email protected] or on 020 8722 4371.

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