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Discovery Club members hear about how philanthropy is making a difference to people with cancer

David Dearnaley - Discovery club

Image: Professor David Dearnaley speaking at the Discovery Club event at Two Temple Place 

Members of The Institute of Cancer Research, London’s Discovery Club, our high-level giving club of visionary supporters, learned about the difference that philanthropy is making to people with cancer at an event in the impressive surroundings of Two Temple Place, in Central London.

Researchers who have benefitted from the generosity of Discovery Club members described how their support has made a direct impact on patients, through the development of smarter, kinder cancer treatments.

In a setting steeped in philanthropic tradition – including through its association with the 18th Century industrialist William Waldorf Astor – members of our Discovery Club saw scientists describe our work to discover and develop innovative new cancer treatments, with the support of our donors.

At the event, two leading clinical scientists described their work to find new ways of treating cancer more effectively in two quite different research areas.

The Discovery Club is our high-level giving club of visionary supporters.

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Successes in cancer research

Pioneering radiotherapy researcher Professor David Dearnaley gave an overview of how research at the ICR, with our partner hospital The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, has transformed how people are treated with radiotherapy.

In recent years, we have led the development of new forms of radiotherapy that deliver higher radiation doses to tumours than before while sparing more of the surrounding tissue.

We have also led trials that have shown that men with prostate cancer and women with breast cancer can safely have fewer, stronger doses than before, avoiding unnecessary trips to hospital.

Professor Udai Banerji, who oversees a wide portfolio of early-stage clinical trials of new cancer drugs including innovative drugs discovered at the ICR, also introduced his work.

His work has led to the development of several new types of drug in larger trials, as well as extending the lives of many patients treated at The Royal Marsden in clinical trials.

Following the talks, Discovery Club members enjoyed a canapes and wine reception alongside researchers representing our world-leading efforts in a variety of disciplines.

'Donors make a huge difference to cancer patients'

Hannah Joyce, Deputy Director of Development (Philanthropy) at The Institute of Cancer Research, said:

“It was a pleasure to catch up with our Discovery Club members once again, and hear first-hand from some of our leading researchers about the dramatic impact that our research has been making for people with cancer.

“Through supporting our efforts to find smarter, kinder treatments for cancer, our donors are making a huge difference to cancer patients. We’re very grateful for their support.”

Our next Discovery Club event will be held on Tuesday 2 October and will set out how we are tackling cancers of unmet need.

To learn more about The Discovery Club, or to get involved, please contact Hannah Joyce, our Deputy Director of Development (Philanthropy), at [email protected] or 020 7153 5298.


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