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Studies where we obtain data from national third-party sources  


The Institute of Cancer Research, London, is a world-leading research institute which carries out studies across the field of cancer research – many of them in partnership with other organisations. The ICR has strong controls in place to ensure it adheres to regulations on data privacy and protection, and works closely with its partners to meet their standards on transparency.


Details of medical studies

The following studies contain information provided by NHS digital. They record identifiable data such as mortality data (cause and date of death information sourced from civil registration data held by the Office for National Statistics) from cancer registrations and have been granted approval from the Health Research Authority to receive information from third-party sources where consent is not possible. Some studies may also include information provided by NHS Scotland. These studies use this information to analyse risk factors for cancer and mortality and include:

Approval has been granted for analysis of identifiable mortality data (cause and date of death information sourced from civil registration data held by the Office for National Statistics) from patients who consented to participate in the following studies:

  • A randomised trial evaluating whether adding chemotherapy and ovarian suppression increase the benefits of prolonged tamoxifen administration in women with early breast cancer. The trial launched in 1993 and closed recruitment in September 2000 – survival data continues to be gathered. 
  • A 1990 randomised trial to determine how giving adjuvant hormone therapy (AHT) affects overall survival versus disease-free survival when given to women with ovarian cancer. The trial recruited 150 women between February 1990 and November 1995 with epithelial ovarian cancer. Survival data continues to be gathered. 
  • A study to determine the effects of micro-metastatic disease on patient outcomes. A total of 350 patients with primary breast cancer were recruited between July 1981 and August 1986. Survival data continues to be gathered. 
  • An ongoing study that follows patients with stage I seminoma who were initially treated with radiotherapy between 1960 and 1992 to analyse incidence of second cancers and specific causes of death.
  • Breakthrough UK Women’s Cohort Study (Breakthrough Generations Study) 

The personal information used from third parties for these studies is not shared with any other organisations. If you think that you may have been included in one of these studies and want further information about it, or if you wish to opt out of it, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or by post at ICR Data Protection Officer, 123 Old Brompton Road, London, SW7 3RP.