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World Cancer Day 2019: how everyone at the ICR helps play their part


Everyone at The Institute of Cancer Research, London plays their role in improving the situation for patients with cancer. This World Cancer Day we are joining the conversation about how we are contributing.

Posted on 04 February, 2019 by Lydia Brain

World Cancer Day graphic showing map of the world

For World Cancer Day 2019, we reflect on how every member of the ICR does their bit to contribute to improving the situation for cancer patients across the globe. We recognise that it’s not our researchers alone who are helping to make a difference every day at the ICR.

We’re sharing how different people play their part for the ICR on social media and here we highlight just a few of them:

Professor Emma Hall I am Professor Emma Hall and I am developing cutting-edge clinical trials at the ICR to impact practice and patient care.
Jolene - immunotherapy patient I am Jolene and I share my story to show how immunotherapy has been allowing me to live with malignant melanoma to encourage people to support research at the ICR so that others can benefit too.
 Duncan Mutembani I am Duncan Mutembani and I acquire and deliver goods, services and equipment at the ICR to sustain our research to make the discoveries that defeat cancer.
Antonio Romo-Morales I am Antonio Romo-Morales and for my PhD I study the biology of Ewing sarcoma at the ICR to find more effective, kinder treatments for children and young adults with the disease.
Dr Irene Chong sitting at microscope in research laboratory I am Dr Irene Chong, a scientist at the ICR and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, and I apply functional genomics to gastrointestinal cancer – by identifying key genes responsible for driving cancer growth.
Wayne and Rufus the hawk I am Wayne Davies and I fly Rufus he Hawk over the ICR to offer environmentally friendly bird control, so that the researchers can get on with making the discoveries that defeat cancer undisturbed.  
Medicinal chemist Tatiana McHardy I am Dr Tatiana McHardy, a Medicinal Chemist at the ICR, and I synthesise compounds that hopefully will be used for cancer treatments. 
Amy Elvidge skydiving I am Amy Elvidge and I am raising £21K before I turn 21 for the ICR in order to help their researchers find even more treatments for cancer.

Just behind the forefront of world class research are the many people, often less recognised, who contribute to the discoveries that are being made daily. Every person had their role, today is a day to celebrate them all.

Has World Cancer Day inspired you? There are several ways you can get involved with our work at the ICR:

If you have been affected by cancer you can share your story with us to raise awareness.



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