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Have a Pint of Science!

Posted on 16 May, 2014 by Graham Shaw

Pint of Science

Science is great isn't it? Here at The Institute of Cancer Research in London we love nothing more than talking about the amazing work we do. Now some of our researchers are getting the chance to do so with a pint in their hands.

The Pint of Science festival is in its second year and celebrates the amazing breadth and depth of modern scientific research. The idea behind Pint of Science is simple: invite scientists at the cutting edge of their fields to discuss their work in the relaxed setting of your local pub.

This is the first time the ICR has been involved with the Pint of Science festival. Two of our leading scientists, Professor Kevin Harrington and Dr Chris Bakal will be at The Albion in the City of London on the 19 and 20 May at 7.30pm, giving the festival audience an insight into their research.

On Monday 19 May, Professor Kevin Harrington, Professor of Biological Cancer Therapies and Honorary Consultant at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, will be speaking about using viruses to treat cancer.

While viruses like the human papillomaviruses (HPV) can cause cancer, it’s only in the past couple of decades that scientists have realised the potential of viruses to treat the disease. Professor Harrington will talk about how viruses can be used to target and kill cancer cells, and improve the effectiveness of cancer treatments, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

There will also be a talk from Kevin’s team member, surgeon and clinical scientist, Aadil Khan. Mr Khan uses viruses to deliver gene therapy to healthy cells in the body, protecting them from the damaging effects of radiotherapy.

And on Tuesday 20 May, Dr Chris Bakal will talk about how he and his team are mapping cancer networks.

The biological processes that lead to cancer form a complex web of interconnected pathways – understanding these pathways is one of the major challenges in cancer research. Dr Chris Bakal leads the ICR’s Dynamical Cell Systems Team and he’s using mathematical approaches to better understand the biology of cancer.

Dr Bakal will show how studying proteins important to cancer could help map the architecture of these cell signalling networks, which could lead to new therapies that are more effective against cancer, and capable of overcoming drug resistance.

These talks will provide a fascinating insight into some important approaches to understanding and treating cancer. Those who would like to come along and find out more can book your ticket online.

The Pint of Science Festival begins on Monday the 19th of May in 7 cities up and down the country.


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