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The Institute of Cancer Research, London, media team works to increase the profile of the organisation by showcasing the cutting-edge research carried out by our scientists and development initiatives. 

For more information you can always contact our media team, view content posted on our many different social media channels, or visit our press release archive to view a list of our press releases. 


£14m investment marks first step towards new London Cancer Hub 22

Ambitions to create the world’s leading hub for cancer research and treatment have taken an important first step forward as the London Borough of Sutton invests £14 million in NHS land needed to develop the site. Find out more

Cells retain a memory of DNA damage as part of the repair process 20

Cells are able to remember that DNA damage has occurred as they pass through the process of cell division, a new study reveals. Find out more

New genetic link to acute lymphoblastic leukaemia 16

A single letter change to DNA is linked to an increased risk of one of the most common forms of childhood leukaemia, a new study has revealed. Find out more

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Five stunning scientific images of our cancer research 01

Researchers at the ICR were challenged to capture in a single image their ground-breaking work making the discoveries that defeat cancer. Find out more

President Trump, the Cancer Moonshot and the new war on drug pricing 30

What could the new US administration mean for drug discovery and development – in the US and the UK? Dr Angela Kukula, the ICR's Director of Enterprise, reports back from the world’s biggest life sciences conference, BioWeek SF. Find out more

Parent-led charities and their inspirational support for the ICR’s child cancer research 13

How families are making a hugely valuable contribution towards our research to improve the outlook for children with cancer. Find out more

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