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The Institute of Cancer Research, London, media team works to increase the profile of the organisation by showcasing the cutting-edge research carried out by our scientists and development initiatives. 

For more information you can always contact our media team, or visit our press release archive to view a list of our press releases. 


ICR gala fundraising dinner raises £250,000 for research into cancer 06

Gala fundraising event raises an impressive £250,000 for the ICR’s cancer research. Find out more

Scientists advance cancer drug design with image of one of key proteins of life 02

Scientists have pioneered the use of a high-powered imaging technique to picture in exquisite detail one of the central proteins of life – a cellular recycling unit with a role in many diseases. Find out more

Removing protein slows blood vessel growth in tumours 01

Scientists from the University of Leeds and The Institute of Cancer Research, London, have discovered a new protein which triggers the growth of blood vessels in breast cancer tumours which have spread to the brain, a common location which breast cancer can spread to. Find out more

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Re-inventing the finger 29

In the first of five articles short-listed for the ICR's Mel Greaves Science Writing Prize 2015, the winner Dr Hugh Harvey writes about re-inventing an age-old test for prostate cancer. Find out more

The ongoing battle with melanoma 13

Until recently there were no effective treatments for metastatic melanoma, but in the last decade we have seen a flurry of treatment breakthroughs, and scientists at the ICR have been at the heart of the fight against the disease. Find out more

Using the seeds of cancer to guide treatment strategies 13

Circulating tumour cells can act as ‘seeds’ – breaking away from the primary tumour and colonising other sites in the body. But they are also becoming an increasingly useful tool in cancer medicine – measuring a patient’s state of disease. Find out more

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