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Working with industry FAQs

Who do I contact to find out about your current projects?

Any member of the Enterprise Unit will be able to discuss projects with you or direct you to an appropriate team member. Contact the team by email or telephone on 0208 722 4030. For most projects there is an assigned team member who will handle all negotiations. 

At what stage do you look to license products?

We are very flexible in our approach to licensing, most of our projects involve some kind of collaboration so it all depends on the product and the skills of the teams as to when it is most appropriate to license. Most drug development projects will be licensed at the pre-clinical stage.

Why do you license inventions instead of making them available to everyone?

We individually assess every invention and decide whether it is better for public benefit to publish inventions or to exclusively or non-exclusively license them. We will only exclusively license inventions where a company will need significant investment to bring a product to market – for these inventions a company will not make the kind of investment required unless it knows it will have a period of exclusivity in the market in which to recoup its investment.

What products do you currently have on the market?

We have several products on the market. Our most recent drug product is abiraterone, which has been approved for treatment of advanced prostate cancer and has been accepted for use in the NHS.

Who are CRT and why are they included in some of your literature?

Cancer Research Technology Ltd (CRT) is a trading subsidiary of Cancer Research UK, which is a significant funder of ICR research. CRT manages commercialisation of the results of Cancer Research UK-sponsored research. Any intellectual property that arises out of work for which Cancer Research UK is the main external funder will be jointly owned by CRT and the ICR. The Enterprise Unit will liaise closely with CRT to ensure that this intellectual property can be exploited for the maximum benefit of cancer patients.

What about research that is not funded by Cancer Research UK?

For work that is not funded by Cancer Research UK, the best route for commercial exploitation will be determined in appropriate consultation with relevant sponsors. Any intellectual property generated through joint projects with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust will be managed by the Enterprise Unit and any benefits shared.

Can I own intellectual property created in collaborations?

Ownership of intellectual property will be discussed and agreed as part of the contract negotiations. It may be owned by the ICR, by the industrial collaborator or jointly.

Can we keep a collaborative project confidential?

This will depend upon the nature of the collaboration. As an academic institution, the ICR needs to publish the results of its research, so complete confidentiality may not be possible. However, we may be able to keep some aspects of the project confidential including the identity of our industrial partner. We can also usually be flexible in allowing time for patent applications to be filed and our industrial partner to maintain competitive advantage before the results are published.

What is your legal title and address?

The Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital,
123 Old Brompton Road,
London SW7 3RP.

We are a charity exempt from registration and a company limited by guarantee (company number 00534147).

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