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Welcome to this example page! Feel free to make any edits - for example adding text, hyperlinks of images. Have a go and see what you can do. 

What you can do here

Examples of what you can do here include:

  • Add a heading. Headings a great to break up your page and will make your page easier to read and more engaging. 
  • Add a hyperlink. Always remember to make your links descriptive - so hyperlink the text that describes what you're linking to. Never, ever use 'here' or 'click here' as hyperlinks - these are really bad for accessibility. Find out more about accessibility.
  • Add your own bulleted list. Lists are great when writing on the web - they break up content and can be easier to read. 
  • Add an image. Don't forget to add alt text ('alternative text') to your image. so that users who can't see your image will still be able to understand your content. This is again important for accessibility, as well as being good for SEO. Find out more about accessibility.
  • Here is the the link to the Gene Function Team.

Here is a heading

  • Back to normal text
  • More facts.

Here is an image

Tree in summer



    More facts can be writing down the side.