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Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery

The Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery is our highest priority for investment. By supporting our fundraising campaign for the new building, you will be enabling us to discover more and better treatments for cancer and helping patients to live longer, or even be cured of their disease.

Cancer patient

The ICR is the leader in the field of drug discovery, having discovered more new treatments for cancer than any other academic institution globally.

Men all over the world are living longer thanks to our prostate cancer drug, abiraterone; and many women are benefiting from the ovarian cancer therapy, olaparib, which is underpinned by ICR research.

Now we want to make a further step-change towards transforming patients' lives. Our aim is to create many more, smarter and kinder treatments, including for rarer tumours. 

Cancer is clever, and can adapt and evolve to evade treatment. At the ICR, we have a superb body of talent and knowledge in cancer evolution. We want to combine this expertise with our drug discoverers, our big data specialists, and our top-class clinicians in a cutting edge, collaborative building - to deliver solutions for cancer drug resistance through excellent team science.

The £70m centre based in Sutton, South London, will enable us to increase our capacity, introduce new scientific approaches, attract more world-class scientists and train more bright young talent for the future. 

If you would like to know more about the Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery, please contact Hannah Joyce on 020 7153 5298 or by email.

Professor Raj Chopra

“From many years in research - in industry and academia - I firmly believe in the power of "team science". The new Centre will enable us to build our capacity and to bring together multi-disciplinary teams of world-leading expertise. By working in this way, we will have a significant impact on the problem of cancers evolving to cause drug resistance.” 

Professor Raj Chopra, Head of Cancer Therapeutics