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Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery

The Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery is our highest priority for investment. By supporting our fundraising campaign for the new building, you will be enabling us to discover more and better treatments for cancer and helping patients to live longer, or even be cured of their disease.

Cancer patient, royalty free image

We are the world’s most successful academic centre at discovering new cancer drugs. One of our recent major successes is abiraterone, a drug for advanced prostate cancer discovered at the ICR, which is now extending the lives of hundreds of thousands of men worldwide.

The new centre will be built on the ICR’s site in Sutton, London, and will enable us to increase our capacity, introduce new scientific approaches, attract more world-class scientists and train more bright young talent for the future. Most importantly it will allow us to combine our award-wining drug discovery scientists with our pioneering Centre for Evolution and Cancer – the first of its scale in the world. This closer interaction will enable us to accelerate the discovery of innovative treatments that tackle cancer's ability to adapt and evolve, and so meet the major clinical challenge of drug resistance.

Architects are working up detailed designs for the building and enabling works have begun in preparation for commencement of construction in 2017.

If you would like to know more about the Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery, please contact Lara Jukes on 020 7153 5192 or by email.

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