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Trekking the world in support of the ICR 

Rosemary Dunstan from Sonning Common, Oxfordshire, is an avid supporter of the ICR's work. She has taken part in three challenging treks to raise funds for our world-leading research, including Annapurna, China and Ancient Petra.

ICR supporter, Rosemary Dunstan, in Angkor Wat (November 2014)

She continued fundraising for the ICR with her trek to Angkor Wat, Cambodia in November 2014, bringing her fundraising total to an impressive £11,000.

Rosemary says, “I enjoy travelling and visiting exotic locations and I like to use this as a great opportunity to raise funds for the ICR. If I can travel and do something worthwhile such as support the ICR’s cancer research at the same time then I really feel as though I have accomplished something. Cancer is a disease which statistically is likely to affect me or someone in my family eventually, so raising money to find a cure – or prevention – is extremely important. I know that 83% of the ICR’s expenditure directly supports research activities. I am therefore proud to play a part in making a difference.”

Lara Jukes, Director of Development at the ICR said, “I would like to thank Rosemary for her amazing achievements. I am extremely grateful for her dedication and commitment – and to other supporters like her - who take on these extraordinary challenges to support our work.”

If you are inspired by Rosemary’s story and would like to find out more about doing an overseas trek to raise funds for our research, please see our Sports and Challenges event listings throughout 2015 and 2016.


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