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World Cancer Day 2021

World Cancer Day is on 4 February. Every year millions of people around the world come together to raise awareness of how to support cancer research, and raise vital funds. #WorldCancerDay  

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Collage of ICR scientists and patients

Our impact in cancer research 

We are one of the world’s most influential cancer research institutes, with a record of achievement dating back more than 100 years. Our discoveries have played an important role in shaping the modern understanding of cancer and how it can be treated.

Together with our hospital partner The Royal Marsden, we are rated as one of the top centres for our cancer research and treatment worldwide.

Since 2005 alone, we have discovered 20 drug candidates, 10 of which have entered clinical trials. One of those drugs, abiraterone, is now a standard treatment for prostate cancer and is extending the lives of hundreds of thousands of men worldwide. 

Our revolutionary new cancer drug discovery centre

Around 300 of our leading scientists have just moved in to our new Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery  and they’re ready to start their urgent work on tackling one of the biggest challenges facing cancer research and cancer treatments today: cancer’s fatal ability to evolve and become resistant to treatment. 

The Centre houses the world’s first anti-evolution ‘Darwinian’ drug discovery programme.

In this collaborative space, our scientists will focus on understanding cancer evolution, and preventing drug resistance – with the aim of discovering cancer treatments so smart and targeted that even advanced disease can be managed long-term and effectively cured.

Working with scientists around the world is vital to make the discoveries that defeat cancer, and we are committed to collaborating with and accelerating our scientific advances by sharing ideas with partner institutions.

Why donate to cancer research?

As well as being a globally renowned cancer research institute, we are also a British cancer charity  and rely on support from partner organisations, funders, family charities, donors and the general public to help us make a difference to the lives of cancer patients everywhere.

And with the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we need your help more than ever.

When the first coronavirus lockdown was announced in the UK last March, our laboratories had to remain closed to keep our staff and students safe. Now many of our researchers have returned to our laboratories where it is safe to do so, Despite the challenges posed by coronavirus, we are continuing to make major strides forward with our research. 

But fundraising remains difficult in these uncertain times. Given the time we have lost to coronavirus over the last year, we need your support urgently - because cancer patients and their families just can’t wait.

Donate to cancer research today

There are many ways you can support us today. 

Please donate now, to keep us moving forward with our life-saving work

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Help fund exciting programme of research in our new Centre

Our researchers have now moved in to the Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery to start their urgent work on creating more and better drugs for cancer patients.


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