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World Cancer Day 2020

World Cancer Day is on 4 February. Every year millions of people unite in the fight against cancer, to show their support and raise vital funds for life-saving research. #WorldCancerDay

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Our impact 

We are one of the world’s most influential cancer research institutes, with a record of achievement dating back more than 100 years.

We are now poised to outsmart cancer with the world’s first anti-evolution 'Darwinian' drug discovery programme, housed in our new research building, the Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery.

In this collaborative space, our scientists will focus on understanding cancer evolution, and preventing drug resistance – with the aim of discovering treatments so smart and targeted that even advanced disease can be managed long-term and effectively cured.

We believe it’s essential to work with scientists around the world to help fight the disease, and we are committed to collaborating with and speeding up our scientific advances by sharing ideas with partner institutions.

Together with our hospital partner The Royal Marsden, we are rated as one of the top centres for our cancer research and treatment worldwide.

How you can get involved

As well as being a renowned cancer research institution, we are also a charity and rely on support from partner organisations, charities, donors and the general public to help us make a difference.

Our donors and supporters play a vital role in helping us to make the discoveries that defeat cancer. 

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