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Help us kick-start our vital research

Your support today will help us make up for lost time in defeating cancer. Cancer isn’t self-isolating and many cancer patients are now more vulnerable than ever, giving greater urgency to our work.

“Palbociclib allows me to live a good life with cancer – and I want all cancer patients to have this hope and optimism for the future.” Hear Christine’s story.

Following her initial breast cancer diagnosis and successful treatment in 2012, Christine was shocked to discover that her cancer had spread to her brain in 2018.

Thanks to palbociclib - a targeted drug that works by blocking proteins that help cancer cells divide and spread - Christine is now living well with cancer, including a new-found passion for cycling.

Cancer isn’t self-isolating

Our scientists have led the discovery and development of many targeted treatments that are helping more cancer patients like Christine live longer and with fewer side-effects. 

But during the coronavirus crisis, cancer hasn’t been self-isolating. Many cancer patients are now more vulnerable than ever, adding greater urgency to our work.

The impact of Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic we had to put much of our work temporarily on hold. With most of our labs closed for several months, we’ve lost many vital research hours.

Now that it is safe to return to our labs we are faced with huge challenges. Income is declining as research funding is cut and major fundraising events are cancelled.

We urgently need your support to kick-start our life-changing research, and help us make up for lost time in discovering smarter, kinder and more effective treatments.

How you can help

For example, you can help us equip our revolutionary new research facility, the Centre for Drug Discovery. Here we will bring together 300 leading scientists to take on the challenge of cancer drug resistance.

Your donation will also will make a real difference by advancing our understanding of childhood cancers and training the cancer research leaders of the future.

Please donate today to help us make up for lost time – and let’s finish cancer together.

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