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The Institute of Cancer Research attracts the very best science graduates and clinicians to carry out cutting-edge research and make the discoveries that defeat cancer. Our students enjoy working in a high-tech and collaborative environment, in which their research can be translated into direct benefits for patients.

Maria Coakley

Maria Coakley

Maria is an MSc student on the taught MSc in Oncology Master’s course at The Institute of Cancer Research.

What is your background?

I am a medical oncology specialist registrar in The Royal Marsden Hospital.

What are you studying now/who with?

I am an MSc student on the taught Master’s course at the ICR. Studying for the MSc in Oncology means that I attend lectures one day a week in Barbican, taking time off from my normal clinical day-to-day job.

Why did you want to study at the ICR?

The ICR has an excellent international reputation in cancer research, in both clinical trials and functional research.

Studying at the ICR is a unique opportunity to improve my both my academic and clinical skills as a medical oncologist.

What’s the best thing about studying at the ICR?

The ICR is a world leader in cancer research. Studying at this institution is a wonderful opportunity to meet with researchers from both clinical and scientific backgrounds.

What do you do to unwind in your spare time?

I keep fit doing yoga and hiking. I also ensure I visit family and friends at home in Ireland as frequently as possible.

One fun fact about you

I am in a choir - London Contemporary Voices. Being a member of this artistic creative group is a wonderful way to unwind from a busy academic and clinical environment.

Any tips/advice for future students?

I would recommend taking the opportunity to meet with as many future colleagues as possible, whenever you get the chance.

As a taught course student, I get to meet a range of people on a weekly basis, from peers through to professors – this is a brilliant opportunity to interact with others, especially those from other institutions who you would not ordinarily have the opportunity to meet with.

Do you know what you want to do next?

I am hoping to pursue further research opportunities in the ICR through a PhD or MD.

What opportunities has studying at the ICR given you?

The ICR has opened the door to further research and academic opportunities in London and beyond.

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