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Studying in London

London is a fantastic city to live in and there are plenty of services offering private rented accommodation and house shares. The accommodation page offers more information about finding a place to live in London.

The view of London from Chester Beatty Laboratories, Chelsea (Andy Roast for the ICR, 2014)

The Transport for London website shows all London bus, tube and train timetables as well as regular traffic updates. Travelling by bus, tube or train can be paid for with an Oyster card, and students can get a further discount by registering their card.  

Black cabs are in the traditional cab design (and often appear in advertisers’ colours rather than the traditional black). They can be hailed on the street and the orange light on the roof indicates they are available. They are licensed and considered by many to be safer to use than a minicab.

Minicabs are licensed private hire vehicles which must be booked in advance. It is strongly advised that minicabs are not hailed on the street as it is also possible that the driver and vehicle is unlicensed and may be a danger to you.

You can find phone numbers for local taxis and minicabs on the Yellow Pages website. The reception desks at Chester Beatty Laboratories in Chelsea and the Brookes Lawley Building in Sutton also have numbers of local firms.

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