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MSc Oncology course modules

The following module guides are available as PDFs.

You can also download the MSc Oncology Student Handbook 2016/17.

PART A (Basic Sciences) modules

1. Cell and Molecular Biology of Cancer (20 credits)
Module Leaders: Dr Nicola Valeri, Dr Zoe Walters, Dr Michael Bright

2. Statistics for the Oncologist (10 credits)
Module Leaders: Mr James Morden, Mrs Jo Haviland

3. Cancer Therapies (30 credits)
Clinical Pharmacology
Module Leaders; Dr Judith Cave, Dr Sarah Rudman
Introduction to Radiation Sciences 
Module Leaders: Dr Amen Sibtain, Dr Navita Somaiah
Advanced Radiation 
Module Leaders: Dr Susan Lalondrelle, Dr John Glaholm 
Experimental Cancer Pharmacology 
Module Leaders: Dr Roshan Agarwal, Dr Udai Banerjee


PART B (Clinical Sciences) modules

4. Research Methods (10 credits)
Module Leaders: Dr Anna Wilkins, Mrs Clare Griffin

5. Cancer Treatments 1 (20 credits)

Principles of Genito-Urinary Cancers
Specialist Lead: Dr Alison Tree

Principles of Gastro-Intestinal Cancers
Specialist Lead: Dr John Bridgewater 

Gynaecological Malignancy
Specialist Lead: Dr Kate Lankester 

Acute Oncology
Specialist Lead: Dr Jaishree Bhosle

Palliative Care
Specialist Lead: Dr Rema Jyothirmayi

Specialist Lead: Dr Aisha Miah

Skin Malignancy
Specialist Lead: Dr Susan Lalondrelle

HIV Related Malignancy
Specialist Lead: Dr David Bloomfield

6. Cancer in Context (10 credits)
Module Leaders: Dr David Bloomfield, Mrs Clare Moynihan

7. Cancer Treatments 2  (20 credits)

Breast Cancer
Specialist Lead: Dr David Bloomfield

Respiratory and Lung Cancer
Specialist Lead Dr Jeanette Dickson

Head, Neck and Thyroid and Endocrine Cancer
Specialist Lead: Dr Richard Simcock

Central Nervous System
Specialist Lead: Dr Matt Williams

Lymphoma / Haematological Cancer
Specialist Lead: Dr Donna Lancaster

Oncology in the Developing World & Late Effects
Specialist Lead: Dr Susan Stanway

Paediatric/Teenage/Young Adult Cancer
Specialist Lead: Dr Donna Lancaster

PART C Dissertation

8. Module and Assessment Guide (60 credits) 

Part C Tutors: Professor Robert Huddart, Dr Matthew Williams, Dr Nicola Rosenfelder, Dr John Glaholm and Dr Tom Richards
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