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Quality assurance

Quality assurance is the process by which the quality of postgraduate research and taught course provision at The Institute of Cancer Research is assured and enhanced.

It is underpinned by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) code of practice, which sets out precepts to guide higher education institutions in monitoring and improving the quality of their provision and their support for students. 

Academic board

The ICR’s academic board is responsible for all academic and teaching matters and for ensuring that the ICR has a rigorous and responsive quality assurance framework in place.

The ICR’s research degrees committee and taught courses committee report to the academic board on academic and teaching matters and quality assurance regarding the ICR’s research degrees and taught course programmes respectively. 

Academic framework

The ICR’s approach to quality assurance is set out in its academic framework, which covers 

  • the principles guiding its approach
  • its key quality assurance mechanisms
  • the requirements of the University of London
  • its use of the academic infrastructure.

The guiding principles include engagement with students through appropriate representation, consultation and feedback; input by external peers; and the pro-active management of the research environment. 

The academic framework is led by the Academic Dean (Professor Clare Isacke) and supported by the Registry.

View the academic framework (PDF) 

Quality Assurance Agency report

In January 2012 the QAA conducted an Institutional Review of the ICR. Its report, published in April 2012, found that the ICR meets expectations in all areas, and identified three areas of good practice.

The ICR drew up an action plan showing how it was addressing the QAA Report’s two recommendations and two affirmations of existing plans. That plan was published in summer 2012 (see the link below). An updated version, agreed with student representatives, was subsequently sent to the QAA in 2014, and can also be downloaded via the link below.

Download the original QAA action plan (PDF)

View the QAA report

Download the updated QAA action plan (2014)

For further information contact Amy Moore, Assistant Director of Academic Services (Education Policy and Quality).

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