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The Institute of Cancer Research attracts the very best science graduates and clinicians to carry out cutting-edge research and make the discoveries that defeat cancer. Our students enjoy working in a high-tech and collaborative environment, in which their research can be translated into direct benefits for patients.

Irene Matucci

Irene Matucci

Irene Matucci is carrying out a PhD in the Molecular Addictions Team, studying the interplay between metabolism and cancer cell signalling with a focus on glioblastoma, intestinal and breast cancer.

She is the President of the ICR’s Student Union.

What is your background?

I moved from Italy to Glasgow to study Molecular and Cellular Biology with Biotechnology. Three internships and one work placement year later, I landed at the ICR for my PhD.

What are you studying now/who with?

I am currently characterising the mechanism of PI3K-dependent receptor tyrosine kinase degradation, a study that could be relevant to multiple cancers.

My focus at the moment is on glioblastoma, intestinal and breast cancer. I work in the ICR’s Sutton campus with Dr Igor Vivanco, in the Molecular Addictions Team.

Why did you want to study at the ICR?

The ICR is a world-leader in cancer research. I was particularly attracted to the ICR for its focus on translational research and its active relations with industry and healthcare.

What’s the best thing about working at the ICR?

The environment and the people. Everyone is nice and ready to help. There is always the right balance between being professional and work-driven, whilst remaining friendly and supportive.

How do you take part in life at the ICR outside your studies?

As a member of the student committee, we represent the student body on a range of ICR committees and working bodies to ensure the student perspective is considered and has an impact on the decisions which shape the ICR as a whole.

We also arrange many great social events and activities to encourage interactions and strengthen the student community.

Any tips/advice for future students?

Talk to people. Everyone here is always happy to share their past and current experiences. In a phase of your career in which you may still be deciding what to do next, listening, comparing and discussing professional life decisions and dreams is a priceless resource.

What opportunities has studying at the ICR given you?

I am grateful to be part of the ICR’s incredibly vast and rich network, a rich resource for my career progression.

What do you do to wind down?

Boxing. Possibly the best way to take your mind off work and clear your head.

What are you most proud of?

My western blots: So beautiful.