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Clinical PhD Fellowships

Applications for fellowships at the ICR and Imperial are now open.

About the fellowships

Our clinical PhD fellowships are provided to develop and support future leaders in clinical cancer research. The 'CRUK Clinical Academic Training Programme – ICR-Imperial' is a programme which will provide clinical academics with the expertise to discover, develop and deliver the next generation of treatments, technologies and methodologies into clinical care.

The fellowship awards include tuition fees, research expenses, and a clinical salary.

Applicants from a range of clinical specialities are invited to apply, including oncology, paediatrics, radiology, surgery, anaesthesia and haematology.

Clinicians on this prestigious training programme will also benefit from: 

  • Mentoring from a senior clinical academic to support the transitions between clinical training and research
  •  A full programme of training tailored to the needs of the individual, including statistics, research methods, bioinformatics, laboratory skills, research integrity, academic writing and flexibly-delivered online training including Research Clinician and Perspectives in Oncology.
  • Access to our bespoke Clinical Academic Career Development programme, run through the ICR/RMH Biomedical Research Centre.
  • The ICR/RMH flagship Pathway to Independence - Clinical Academics in Cancer Research residential programme, providing intensive coaching to prepare you for academic independence and applications for clinician scientist awards.
  • Bridge funding for six months protected research time after the PhD to provide time to finish writing papers and prepare for further research funding applications.

Available fellowships

We currently have ten projects open for two fellowships starting in Autumn 2021. The specific dates will be arranged around contract dates of the awarded candidates. 

Please read details on deadlineshow to apply and entry requirements using the links below the project list.

Project List

Dr Samra Turajlic (Profile Picture)

Deciphering cancer evolution through representative sequencing

with Dr Samra Turajlic based at the ICR, Royal Marsden and the Crick
in the Division of Clinical Studies

View Dr Turajlic's project description




dr paul huangDeveloping biomarkers for improving pre-operative
therapy in high-risk soft tissue sarcoma

with Dr Paul Huang based at the ICR
in the Division of Molecular Pathology

View Dr Huang's project description




Lou Chesler 547x410Development of N-myristoyltransferase inhibitors
as a novel breakthrough treatment of MYC-driven
childhood cancers

with Professor Louis Chesler based at the ICR
in the Division of Clinical Studies

View Professor Chesler's project description



Jessica DownsDevelopment of single domain antibodies for
use as biomarkers of replication stress

with Professor Jessica Downs based at the ICR
in the Division of Cancer Biology

View Professor Down's project description




rosalind eelesGenomic analysis and correlation with clinical
trial data in prostate cancer  

with Professor Ros Eeles based at the ICR
in the Division of Genetics and Epidemiology

View Professor Eele's project description





alejandra bruna 300x300Mechanisms of non-genetic evolution to therapy
in solid paediatric cancer

with Dr Alejandra Bruna based at the ICR
in the Division of Molecular Pathology

View Dr Bruna's project description




Dr Shaista HafeezMRI directed diagnosis and radiotherapy response
assessment for bladder cancer

with Professor Nick James and Dr Shaista Hafeez based at the ICR
in the Division of Radiotherapy and Imaging

View Professor James and Dr Hafeez's project description




Charlotte Bevan portraitOvercoming resistance: Remodelling the Prostate
Cancer Microenvironment using Synthetic Cells

with Professor Charlotte Bevan based at Imperial
in the Faculty of Medicine

View Professor Bevan's project description




Professor Pascal MeierTargeting Inhibitor of Apoptosis proteins to stimulate
immune-based therapeutic approaches to Breast Cancer

with Professor Pascal Meier based at the ICR
in the Division of Breast Cancer Research

View Professor Meier's project description




Jeffrey Bamber Theragnostic Development of Acoustic Cluster
Therapy in Relation to Tumour Desmoplasia

with Professor Jeff Bamber based at the ICR
in the Division of Radiotherapy and Imaging, in collaboration with
the Divisions of Molecular Pathology, Cancer Therapeutics and Clinical Studies

View Professor Bamber's project description

Application deadlines



Deadline for candidates to contact supervisors with whom they wish to develop a proposal, submitting an initial contact form and cc'ing [email protected].

  Monday 07 June 2021

Deadline for joint application including full project proposal.

  Sunday 10 August 2021

Shortlisting decisions, and candidates invited to interview.

  Week commencing 16 August 2021

Panel interviews held.

  03 September 2021
  Interview results confirmed approximately 2 weeks later.

Expected start date of fellows.

  Autumn/Winter 2021

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Previously advertised fellowships

In this year's round we had thirteen projects open to applications, for up to five clinical training fellowships.

  • The deadline for candidates to contact supervisors has now passed and was Monday 21 October 2019.
  • Full applications are only open to individuals selected after this initial contact. 
  • The deadline for full applications / joint proposals is Monday 16 December 2019
  • Shortlisted applicants with be asked to attend a panel interview on Friday 7 February 2020
  • For more details on deadlines see 'how to apply' below

 Projects previously advertised:

(1)  B7-H3 (CD276) in prostate cancer biology and as a therapeutic target

(2) Bacteriophage Gene Therapy To Enhance Immunotherapy For Brain Tumours.

(3) BrainSpeech: Automated speech assessment as a biomarker in patients with brain tumours - A Phase II feasibility study

(4) Characterising and targeting sub-clonal diversity for improved patient stratification in therapy resistant (metastatic) lobular breast cancer

(5) Deciphering cancer evolution through representative sequencing

(6) Developing biomarkers for improving neoadjuvant chemotherapy in high-risk soft tissue sarcoma

(7) Efficient assessment of toxicity related outcomes in radiotherapy clinical trials

(8) Impact and Exploitation of Hypoxia on Therapeutic Strategies for Rhabdomyosarcoma.

(9) Radiomics and Machine Learning Stratification of Indeterminate Lung Nodules for Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer.

(10) Sub-clonal RNASH2B/RB1 loss and phenotypic luminal-to-basal evolution and novel therapeutic vulnerabilities in treatment-resistant prostate cancer.

(11) Translational brain tumour research.

(12) Ultrasound tomography (UST) and elastography of the breast: quantitative biomarkers of stromal properties

(13) Unravelling mechanisms of acquired immunomodulatory drug resistance in myeloma

PhD studentships

Applications for our main PhD studentships recruitment round are now closed.

ICR values

Our values – developed together as an organisation – make it clear how each and every one of us work to meet our mission – to make the discoveries that defeat cancer.