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Flow cytometry facilities

Flow cytometry is available at both the Chelsea and Sutton sites and provides researchers with flow cytometry and cell sorting services.

Flow Cytometry Machine (16.9)

Chelsea facility

Equipment available:

  • ​FACSAria II cell sorter:​ Five laser cell sorter able to sort to tubes or plates.
  • ​BD LSR II analyser: ​Four laser flow cytometer able to load samples in tubes or plates (96 and 384).
  • ​Sony SH-800 cell sorter: ​This instrument is set up for sorting Cat II and clinical samples.

Software available:

  • FACSDiva: Operates the BD Flow cytometers and able to analyse samples.
  • SH800: Operates the cell sorter from Sony.
  • FlowJo: Useful for analysing flow cytometry data.
  • FCSexpress: Useful for analysing flow cytometry data. It can also analyse image data with flow cytometry methods like dot plots and gating.
  • Cytobank: Free software that can handle large sets of flow cytometry data and contains other advance features.


​Sutton facility

Equpment available:

  • ​BD FACSAriallµ ​- Five laser cell sorter
  • ​BD LSR II ​- Three laser cell analyser
  • ​Beckman Coulter MoFloAstrios ​- Seven laser cell sorter

​Software available:

  • BD DiVa
  • Beckman Coulter Kaluza
  • BD Flowjo
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