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Electron microscopy facility

The electron microscopy facility brings together a combination of instrumentation and expertise that supports the determination of three-dimensional protein structures from negative stain or cryo-electron microscopy.

The state-of-the-art facility houses two FEI electron microscopes – a Tecnai T12 and a Tecnai F20. Both microscopes are cryo-capable and equipped with digital cameras. The facility also includes the necessary ancillary equipment for making carbon support films, glow discharge of grids and frozen hydrated sample preparation and further analysis.

The Tecnai T12 microscope is used mostly for sample screening in negative stain, training and trial studies in cryo-electron microscopy.  The Tecnai F20 microscope, equipped with a 4kx4k camera, is dedicated to the data collection by fully trained users.

For more information, please contact the facility manager, Dr Fabienne Beuron.

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