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Scientific services 

The Institute of Cancer Research has exceptional scientific facilities. We run a wide range of scientific services designed to support researchers within the ICR, and in some cases more widely, with specialist equipment and expertise.

A microscope with laser light

Our proteomics and metabolomics core facility – accessible to researchers both within and outside the ICR – and our electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography services can be used to determine the structures of biologically important molecules.

The flow cytometry, and confocal and live cell imaging facilities provide cell sorting and imaging services.

More specialist facilities include the cell culture facility, which supplies the Division of Structural Biology with a means of expressing recombinant proteins in eukaryotic cells, and the breakthrough pathology core facility, which provides the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre with histopathological data for both research and diagnostic purposes.

Outside of the lab, the scientific computing service meets the storage and processor requirements of data-intensive experiments, while the mechanical workshop can help with the design and manufacture of new lab equipment.

The Tumour Profiling Unit is a research unit, but it does also provide expertise and support on genomic analysis of tumours to researchers at the ICR and at other academic organisations.

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