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Mieczkowski, M. Steinmetzger, C. Bessi, I. Lenz, A.-. Schmiedel, A. Holzapfel, M. Lambert, C. Pena, V. Höbartner, C. (2021). Large Stokes shift fluorescence activation in an RNA aptamer by intermolecular proton transfer to guanine. Nature communications, Vol.12 (1), pp. 3549-?.  show abstract

Cretu, C. Gee, P. Liu, X. Agrawal, A. Nguyen, T.-. Ghosh, A.K. Cook, A. Jurica, M. Larsen, N.A. Pena, V. (2021). Structural basis of intron selection by U2 snRNP in the presence of covalent inhibitors. Nature communications, Vol.12 (1).  show abstract

de Moura, T.R. Mozaffari-Jovin, S. Szabó, C.Z. Schmitzová, J. Dybkov, O. Cretu, C. Kachala, M. Svergun, D. Urlaub, H. Lührmann, R. Pena, V. (2018). Prp19/Pso4 Is an Autoinhibited Ubiquitin Ligase Activated by Stepwise Assembly of Three Splicing Factors. Molecular cell, Vol.69 (6), pp. 979-992.e6.

Cretu, C. Agrawal, A.A. Cook, A. Will, C.L. Fekkes, P. Smith, P.G. Lührmann, R. Larsen, N. Buonamici, S. Pena, V. (2018). Structural Basis of Splicing Modulation by Antitumor Macrolide Compounds. Molecular cell, Vol.70 (2), pp. 265-273.e8.

Cretu, C. Schmitzová, J. Ponce-Salvatierra, A. Dybkov, O. De Laurentiis, E.I. Sharma, K. Will, C.L. Urlaub, H. Lührmann, R. Pena, V. (2016). Molecular Architecture of SF3b and Structural Consequences of Its Cancer-Related Mutations. Molecular cell, Vol.64 (2), pp. 307-319.

Ponce-Salvatierra, A. Wawrzyniak-Turek, K. Steuerwald, U. Höbartner, C. Pena, V. (2016). Crystal structure of a DNA catalyst. Nature, Vol.529 (7585), pp. 231-234.

Rauhut, R. Fabrizio, P. Dybkov, O. Hartmuth, K. Pena, V. Chari, A. Kumar, V. Lee, C.-. Urlaub, H. Kastner, B. Stark, H. Luhrmann, R. (2016). Molecular architecture of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae activated spliceosome. Science, Vol.353 (6306), pp. 1399-1405.

De, I. Bessonov, S. Hofele, R. dos Santos, K. Will, C.L. Urlaub, H. Lührmann, R. Pena, V. (2015). The RNA helicase Aquarius exhibits structural adaptations mediating its recruitment to spliceosomes. Nature structural & molecular biology, Vol.22 (2), pp. 138-144.

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