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Awards, Prizes or Honours

AACR Team Science Award, Chicago 2012 (Workman P et al), American Association for Cancer Research, 2012.

CR-UK Translational Cancer Research Prize (Team member), Cancer Research UK, London, 2013.

NIHR Research Professorship Award, National Institutes for Health Research, 2017.

Editorial Boards

Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2012-2014.

External Committees

Joint Steering Committee Combinations Alliance, Member, Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre Network & Cancer Research UK, 2010-2015.

Specialty Questions Group, Member, Royal College of Physicians, 2007-2011.

New Drug Advisory Committee, Member, European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), 2009-2015.

Pharmacodynamic/Pharmacokinetic Technologies Advisory Committee (PTAC), Member, Cancer Research UK, 2008-2009.

CRUK Drug Development Office Advisory Group, Member, Cancer Research UK, 2012.

Targeted Anticancer Therapies, Scientific Advisory Board (under ESMO since 2018), Member, European Society for Medical Oncology, 2012.

26th EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics, Barcelona, Spain, 2014, Scientific Committee, Member, EORTC, 2013.

Small Molecule Expert Review Panel, Member, Cancer Research UK, 2014-2019.

Methods in Clinical Cancer Research, Flims, Switzerland, Faculty, ESMO, 2013-2014.

ESMO Congress, Member, Developmental Therapeutics Sub-Committee, European Society for Medical Oncology, 2014.

ESMO Asia Congress 2019, Member, Developmental and Prevision Medicine Committee, European Society for Medical Oncology, 2018.

Scientific Evaluation Committee (SIRIC), Member, French National Cancer Institute (INCa), 2017.

Evaluation Committee, Infrastructure Initiatives, Member, Dutch Cancer Society, 2019.

'La Caixa' Foundation Research Team, Evaluator, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncologicas (CNIO), Spain, 2018.

Future of Cancer Research Innovation Summit, Combination Therapies, Washington DC, Member, Think Tank, American Association for Cancer Research, 2019.

Methods in Clinical Cancer Research, Zeist, The Netherlands, Faculty, European Society for Medical Oncology, 2019.

Experimental Therapeutics Clinical Trial Network Program, Reviewer, National Cancer Institute, USA, 2019.

Peer-Review Committee, Member, Canada Foundation for Innovation, 2019.

106th AACR Annual Meeting Program Commitee, Member, American Association for Cancer Research, 2015-2015.

Experimental and Molecular Therapeutics Sub-Committee, Member, American Association for Cancer Research, 2017-2017.

Scientific Committee, Member, AACR-NCI-EORTC Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics Conference, 2019.

New Agents Committee, Member, Cancer Research UK, 2019.