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Awards, Prizes or Honours

Clotten Foundation Prize, , 2015.

Fellow of the Royal Society, Royal Society, 1987.

EMBO Member, EMBO, 1981.

FMedSci, The Academy of Medical Sciences, 1998.

Colworth Medal, Biochemical Society, 1981.

CIBA medal, Biochemical Society, 1993.

Editorial Boards

Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer, 1989-2016.

External Committees

Grants Committee, Member, Lady Tata Memorial Trust, 1986-2014.

Drug Discovery Committee, Member, Cancer Research UK, 2012-2015.

Hooke Committee, Member, Royal Society, 2012-2016.

Scientific Advisory Committee, Member, Prostate Cancer Research Centre, 2019.

Biotechnology Scientific Advisory Board, Chair, Kymab, 2010-2015.

Biotechnology Scientific Advisory Board, Chair, Orbit Discovery, 2015.

Scientific Advisory Board, Member, Oryzon Genomics, 2009-2016.

Scientific Advisory Board, Member, Biosceptre, 2011.

Scientific Advisory Board, Member, Avacta Life Sciences, 2011.

Scientific Advisory Board, Member, Polyprox Therapeutics, 2019.

Scientific Advisory Board, . BiMab

Scientific Advisory Board, . Perturba Therapeutics

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