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Professor Sue Eccles

Team Leader

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Professor Sue Eccles retired from the ICR in January 2017. She researched the cellular processes behind tumour progression with the potential of developing new drug targets. Her research has led to the development of new 3D models which are used to investigate cancer progression and response to treatment.
T 0208 722 4210


Sue Eccles is Professor of Experimental Cancer Therapeutics and leads the Tumour Biology and Metastatsis Team in the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit (CTU). Her team has developed an extensive portfolio of experimental tumour systems (specialising in orthotopic and metastatic models) and quantitative pharmacodynamic biomarker analyses. She is responsible for the preclinical evaluation of compounds emerging from the CTU’s molecularly targeted drug discovery programmes. This research has contributed to the recent discovery of novel inhibitors of the HSP90 chaperone, PI3 kinase and PKB which are now in clinical trial.

Professor Eccles previously worked on monoclonal antibody-based therapies directed against cancer targets including EGFR and HER2, several of which have been licenced for experimental use or are being developed for clinical applications.

One current focus of Professor Eccles’ lab is the development of high-throughput, three-dimensional, in vitro functional assays of cancer cell behaviour. These models more closely mimic solid tumour biology than simple two-dimensional cell cultures, and Professor Eccles aims to further develop their use for screening compounds that inhibit cancer cell invasion and overcome resistance to targeted therapies.