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Moore, A.S. Faisal, A. Mak, G.W. Miraki-Moud, F. Bavetsias, V. Valenti, M. Box, G. Hallsworth, A. de Haven Brandon, A. Xavier, C.P. Stronge, R. Pearson, A.D. Blagg, J. Raynaud, F.I. Chopra, R. Eccles, S.A. Taussig, D.C. Linardopoulos, S. (2020). Quizartinib-resistant FLT3-ITD acute myeloid leukemia cells are sensitive to the FLT3-Aurora kinase inhibitor CCT241736. Blood advances, Vol.4 (7), pp. 1478-1491.  show abstract

Anderhub, S.J. Mak, G.W. Gurden, M.D. Faisal, A. Drosopoulos, K. Walsh, K. Woodward, H.L. Innocenti, P. Westwood, I.M. Naud, S. Hayes, A. Theofani, E. Filosto, S. Saville, H. Burke, R. van Montfort, R.L. Raynaud, F.I. Blagg, J. Hoelder, S. Eccles, S.A. Linardopoulos, S. (2019). High Proliferation Rate and a Compromised Spindle Assembly Checkpoint Confers Sensitivity to the MPS1 Inhibitor BOS172722 in Triple-Negative Breast Cancers. Molecular cancer therapeutics, Vol.18 (10), pp. 1696-1707.

Wood, F.L. Shepherd, S. Hayes, A. Liu, M. Grira, K. Mok, Y. Atrash, B. Faisal, A. Bavetsias, V. Linardopoulos, S. Blagg, J. Raynaud, F.I. (2019). Metabolism of the dual FLT-3/Aurora kinase inhibitor CCT241736 in preclinical and human in vitro models: Implication for the choice of toxicology species. European journal of pharmaceutical sciences, Vol.139, pp. 104899-104899.

Gurden, M.D. Anderhub, S.J. Faisal, A. Linardopoulos, S. (2018). Aurora B prevents premature removal of spindle assembly checkpoint proteins from the kinetochore: A key role for Aurora B in mitosis. Oncotarget, Vol.9 (28), pp. 19525-19542.  show abstract  full text

Woodward, H.L. Innocenti, P. Cheung, K.-. Hayes, A. Roberts, J. Henley, A.T. Faisal, A. Mak, G.W. Box, G. Westwood, I.M. Cronin, N. Carter, M. Valenti, M. De Haven Brandon, A. O'Fee, L. Saville, H. Schmitt, J. Burke, R. Broccatelli, F. van Montfort, R.L. Raynaud, F.I. Eccles, S.A. Linardopoulos, S. Blagg, J. Hoelder, S. (2018). Introduction of a Methyl Group Curbs Metabolism of Pyrido[3,4- d]pyrimidine Monopolar Spindle 1 (MPS1) Inhibitors and Enables the Discovery of the Phase 1 Clinical Candidate N2-(2-Ethoxy-4-(4-methyl-4 H-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl)phenyl)-6-methyl- N8-neopentylpyrido[3,4- d]pyrimidine-2,8-diamine (BOS172722). J med chem, Vol.61 (18), pp. 8226-8240.  show abstract

Faisal, A. Mak, G.W. Gurden, M.D. Xavier, C.P. Anderhub, S.J. Innocenti, P. Westwood, I.M. Naud, S. Hayes, A. Box, G. Valenti, M.R. De Haven Brandon, A.K. O'Fee, L. Schmitt, J. Woodward, H.L. Burke, R. vanMontfort, R.L. Blagg, J. Raynaud, F.I. Eccles, S.A. Hoelder, S. Linardopoulos, S. (2017). Characterisation of CCT271850, a selective, oral and potent MPS1 inhibitor, used to directly measure in vivo MPS1 inhibition vs therapeutic efficacy. British journal of cancer, Vol.116 (9), pp. 1166-1176.

Dolly, S.O. Gurden, M.D. Drosopoulos, K. Clarke, P. de Bono, J. Kaye, S. Workman, P. Linardopoulos, S. (2017). RNAi screen reveals synthetic lethality between cyclin G-associated kinase and FBXW7 by inducing aberrant mitoses. Br j cancer, Vol.117 (7), pp. 954-964.  show abstract

Gurden, M.D. Anderhub, S.J. Faisal, A. Linardopoulos, S. (2016). Aurora B prevents premature removal of spindle assembly checkpoint proteins from the kinetochore: A key role for Aurora B in mitosis. Oncotarget, .  show abstract

Innocenti, P. Woodward, H.L. Solanki, S. Naud, S. Westwood, I.M. Cronin, N. Hayes, A. Roberts, J. Henley, A.T. Baker, R. Faisal, A. Mak, G.W. Box, G. Valenti, M. De Haven Brandon, A. O'Fee, L. Saville, H. Schmitt, J. Matijssen, B. Burke, R. van Montfort, R.L. Raynaud, F.I. Eccles, S.A. Linardopoulos, S. Blagg, J. Hoelder, S. (2016). Rapid Discovery of Pyrido[3,4-d]pyrimidine Inhibitors of Monopolar Spindle Kinase 1 (MPS1) Using a Structure-Based Hybridization Approach. J med chem, Vol.59 (8), pp. 3671-3688.  show abstract

Morra, F. Luise, C. Visconti, R. Staibano, S. Merolla, F. Ilardi, G. Guggino, G. Paladino, S. Sarnataro, D. Franco, R. Monaco, R. Zitomarino, F. Pacelli, R. Monaco, G. Rocco, G. Cerrato, A. Linardopoulos, S. Muller, M.T. Celetti, A. (2015). New therapeutic perspectives in CCDC6 deficient lung cancer cells. Int j cancer, Vol.136 (9), pp. 2146-2157.  show abstract

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Gurden, M.D. Westwood, I.M. Faisal, A. Naud, S. Cheung, K.-. McAndrew, C. Wood, A. Schmitt, J. Boxall, K. Mak, G. Workman, P. Burke, R. Hoelder, S. Blagg, J. Van Montfort, R.L. Linardopoulos, S. (2015). Naturally Occurring Mutations in the MPS1 Gene Predispose Cells to Kinase Inhibitor Drug Resistance. Cancer research, Vol.75 (16), pp. 3340-3354.

Cheeseman, M.D. Faisal, A. Rayter, S. Barbeau, O.R. Kalusa, A. Westlake, M. Burke, R. Swan, M. van Montfort, R. Linardopoulos, S. Jones, K. (2014). Targeting the PPM1D phenotype; 2,4-bisarylthiazoles cause highly selective apoptosis in PPM1D amplified cell-lines. Bioorg med chem lett, Vol.24 (15), pp. 3469-3474.  show abstract

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Moore, A.S. Faisal, A. Gonzalez de Castro, D. Bavetsias, V. Sun, C. Atrash, B. Valenti, M. de Haven Brandon, A. Avery, S. Mair, D. Mirabella, F. Swansbury, J. Pearson, A.D. Workman, P. Blagg, J. Raynaud, F.I. Eccles, S.A. Linardopoulos, S. (2012). Selective FLT3 inhibition of FLT3-ITD+ acute myeloid leukaemia resulting in secondary D835Y mutation: a model for emerging clinical resistance patterns. Leukemia, Vol.26 (7), pp. 1462-1470.  show abstract

Faisal, A. Naud, S. Schmitt, J. Westwood, I. Hayes, A. Gurden, M. Bavetsias, V. Berry, T. Mak, G. Innocenti, P. Cheung, J. Sheldrake, P. Atrash, B. Sun, C. Matijssen, B. Burke, R. Baker, R. McAndrew, C. Rowlands, M. Workman, P. Eccles, S.A. Hoelder, S. Raynaud, F.I. vanMontfort, R. Blagg, J. Linardopoulos, S. (2012). Abstract 1817: Characterisation of CCT251455, a novel, selective and highly potent Mps1 kinase inhibitor. Experimental and molecular therapeutics, .

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Brough, R. Frankum, J.R. Sims, D. Mackay, A. Mendes-Pereira, A.M. Bajrami, I. Costa-Cabral, S. Rafiq, R. Ahmad, A.S. Cerone, M.A. Natrajan, R. Sharpe, R. Shiu, K.-. Wetterskog, D. Dedes, K.J. Lambros, M.B. Rawjee, T. Linardopoulos, S. Reis-Filho, J.S. Turner, N.C. Lord, C.J. Ashworth, A. (2011). Functional viability profiles of breast cancer. Cancer discov, Vol.1 (3), pp. 260-273.  show abstract

Podesta, J.E. Sugar, R. Squires, M. Linardopoulos, S. Pearson, A.D. Moore, A.S. (2011). Adaptation of the plasma inhibitory activity assay to detect Aurora, ABL and FLT3 kinase inhibition by AT9283 in pediatric leukemia. Leuk res, Vol.35 (9), pp. 1273-1275.  show abstract

Faisal, A. Vaughan, L. Bavetsias, V. Sun, C. Atrash, B. Avery, S. Jamin, Y. Robinson, S.P. Workman, P. Blagg, J. Raynaud, F.I. Eccles, S.A. Chesler, L. Linardopoulos, S. (2011). The aurora kinase inhibitor CCT137690 downregulates MYCN and sensitizes MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma in vivo. Mol cancer ther, Vol.10 (11), pp. 2115-2123.  show abstract

Moore, A.S. Faisal, A. Bavetsias, V. Sun, C. Atrash, B. Valenti, M. de Haven Brandon, A. Avery, S. de Castro, D.G. Raynaud, F.I. Workman, P. Pearson, A.D. Blagg, J. Eccles, S.A. Linardopoulos, S. (2011). Abstract 3554: CCT137690, a dual inhibitor of Aurora and FLT3 kinases, sensitizes FLT3-ITD positive acute myeloid leukemia and overcomes resistance to selective FLT3-inhibition. Experimental and molecular therapeutics, .

Moore, A. Faisal, A. Bavetsias, V. Sun, C. Atrash, B. Valenti, M. Brandon, A. Avery, S. de Castro, D.G. Pearson, A.D. Workman, P. Blagg, J. Raynaud, R.I. Eccles, S.A. Linardopoulos, S. (2011). The dual Aurora-FLT3 inhibitor CCT137690 overcomes resistance to selective FLT3 inhibition in acute myeloid leukemia. Clin can res, .

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Book Chapters

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