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Mitra, A.V., Bancroft, E.K., Barbachano, Y., Page, E.C., Foster, C.S., Jameson, C., Mitchell, G., Lindeman, G.J., Stapleton, A., Suthers, G., et al. (2011). Targeted prostate cancer screening in men with mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 detects aggressive prostate cancer: preliminary analysis of the results of the IMPACT study. Bju int, Vol.107 (1), pp. 28-39.  show abstract

Kote-Jarai, Z., Olama, A.A., Giles, G.G., Severi, G., Schleutker, J., Weischer, M., Campa, D., Riboli, E., Key, T., Gronberg, H., et al. (2011). Seven prostate cancer susceptibility loci identified by a multi-stage genome-wide association study. Nat genet, Vol.43 (8), pp. 785-791.  show abstract

Edwards, S.M., Evans, D.G., Hope, Q., Norman, A.R., Barbachano, Y., Bullock, S., Kote-Jarai, Z., Meitz, J., Falconer, A., Osin, P., et al. (2010). Prostate cancer in BRCA2 germline mutation carriers is associated with poorer prognosis. Br j cancer, Vol.103 (6), pp. 918-924.  show abstract

Eeles, R.A., Kote-Jarai, Z., Al Olama, A.A., Giles, G.G., Guy, M., Severi, G., Muir, K., Hopper, J.L., Henderson, B.E., Haiman, C.A., et al. (2009). Identification of seven new prostate cancer susceptibility loci through a genome-wide association study. Nat genet, Vol.41 (10), pp. 1116-1121.  show abstract

Al Olama, A.A., Kote-Jarai, Z., Giles, G.G., Guy, M., Morrison, J., Severi, G., Leongamornlert, D.A., Tymrakiewicz, M., Jhavar, S., Saunders, E., et al. (2009). Multiple loci on 8q24 associated with prostate cancer susceptibility. Nat genet, Vol.41 (10), pp. 1058-1060.  show abstract

Eeles, R.A., Kote-Jarai, Z., Giles, G.G., Olama, A.A., Guy, M., Jugurnauth, S.K., Mulholland, S., Leongamornlert, D.A., Edwards, S.M., Morrison, J., et al. (2008). Multiple newly identified loci associated with prostate cancer susceptibility. Nat genet, Vol.40 (3), pp. 316-321.  show abstract

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