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Professional activities

Awards, Prizes or Honours

Fellowship, The Academy of Medical Sciences, 2010.

Fellowship, Society of Biologists, 2011.

Fellowship European Academy of Cancer Sciences, ECCO, 2015.

FRS, The Royal Society, 2017.

Editorial Boards

British Journal of Cancer, Editor: Genetics & Genomics, 2003.

International Journal of Cancer, 2013.

scientific reports, 2015.

External Committees

Cancer Family Study Group, Member, , 1992-1995; 2005-2009.

Steering Committee, Member, UKCCS, 2006.

Academic Board, Member, Institute of Cancer Research, 2001.

Joint Research Committee, Member, Institute of Cancer Research-Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Trust, 2002.

Integrating knowledge of inherited genetic variation and acquired somatic alterations in cancer tissues: promising scientific opportunities, Member, NIH, Washington, 2009-2009.

Cell and Molecular Biology Board, Board Member, MRC, 2014.