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Tajan, M. Hennequart, M. Cheung, E.C. Zani, F. Hock, A.K. Legrave, N. Maddocks, O.D. Ridgway, R.A. Athineos, D. Suárez-Bonnet, A. Ludwig, R.L. Novellasdemunt, L. Angelis, N. Li, V.S. Vlachogiannis, G. Valeri, N. Mainolfi, N. Suri, V. Friedman, A. Manfredi, M. Blyth, K. Sansom, O.J. Vousden, K.H. (2021). Serine synthesis pathway inhibition cooperates with dietary serine and glycine limitation for cancer therapy. Nature communications, Vol.12 (1).  show abstract

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