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Meisenberg, C., Pinder, S.I., Hopkins, S.R., Wooller, S.K., Benstead-Hume, G., Pearl, F.M., Jeggo, P.A. & Downs, J.A. (2019). Repression of Transcription at DNA Breaks Requires Cohesin throughout Interphase and Prevents Genome Instability. Molecular cell, Vol.73 (2), pp. 212-223.e7.

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Hopkins, S.R., McGregor, G.A., Murray, J.M., Downs, J.A. & Savic, V. (2016). Novel synthetic lethality screening method identifies TIP60-dependent radiation sensitivity in the absence of BAF180. Dna repair, Vol.46, pp. 47-54.

Myrianthopoulos, V., Gaboriaud-Kolar, N., Tallant, C., Hall, M.-., Grigoriou, S., Brownlee, P.M., Fedorov, O., Rogers, C., Heidenreich, D., Wanior, M., et al. (2016). Discovery and Optimization of a Selective Ligand for the Switch/Sucrose Nonfermenting-Related Bromodomains of Polybromo Protein-1 by the Use of Virtual Screening and Hydration Analysis. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.59 (19), pp. 8787-8803.

Kakarougkas, A., Downs, J.A. & Jeggo, P.A. (2015). The PBAF chromatin remodeling complex represses transcription and promotes rapid repair at DNA double-strand breaks. Molecular & cellular oncology, Vol.2 (1), pp. e970072-e970072.

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Schalbetter, S.A., Mansoubi, S., Chambers, A.L., Downs, J.A. & Baxter, J. (2015). Fork rotation and DNA precatenation are restricted during DNA replication to prevent chromosomal instability. Proceedings of the national academy of sciences, Vol.112 (33), pp. E4565-E4570.

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Pal, M., Morgan, M., Phelps, S.E., Roe, S.M., Parry-Morris, S., Downs, J.A., Polier, S., Pearl, L.H. & Prodromou, C. (2014). Structural Basis for Phosphorylation-Dependent Recruitment of Tel2 to Hsp90 by Pih1. Structure, Vol.22 (6), pp. 805-818.

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