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Mateo, J. Porta, N. Bianchini, D. McGovern, U. Elliott, T. Jones, R. Syndikus, I. Ralph, C. Jain, S. Varughese, M. Parikh, O. Crabb, S. Robinson, A. McLaren, D. Birtle, A. Tanguay, J. Miranda, S. Figueiredo, I. Seed, G. Bertan, C. Flohr, P. Ebbs, B. Rescigno, P. Fowler, G. Ferreira, A. Riisnaes, R. Pereira, R. Curcean, A. Chandler, R. Clarke, M. Gurel, B. Crespo, M. Nava Rodrigues, D. Sandhu, S. Espinasse, A. Chatfield, P. Tunariu, N. Yuan, W. Hall, E. Carreira, S. de Bono, J.S. (2020). Olaparib in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer with DNA repair gene aberrations (TOPARP-B): a multicentre, open-label, randomised, phase 2 trial. The lancet oncology, Vol.21 (1), pp. 162-174.

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Walker, A.K. Karaszi, K. Valentine, H. Strauss, V.Y. Choudhury, A. McGill, S. Wen, K. Brown, M.D. Ramani, V. Bhattarai, S. Teo, M.T. Yang, L. Myers, K.A. Deshmukh, N. Denley, H. Browning, L. Love, S.B. Iyer, G. Clarke, N.W. Hall, E. Huddart, R. James, N.D. Hoskin, P.J. West, C.M. Kiltie, A.E. (2019). MRE11 as a Predictive Biomarker of Outcome After Radiation Therapy in Bladder Cancer. International journal of radiation oncology*biology*physics, Vol.104 (4), pp. 809-818.

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Wilson, J.M. Dearnaley, D.P. Syndikus, I. Khoo, V. Birtle, A. Bloomfield, D. Choudhury, A. Graham, J. Ferguson, C. Malik, Z. Money-Kyrle, J. O'Sullivan, J.M. Panades, M. Parker, C. Rimmer, Y. Scrase, C. Staffurth, J. Stockdale, A. Cruickshank, C. Griffin, C. Hall, E. (2018). The Efficacy and Safety of Conventional and Hypofractionated High-Dose Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer in an Elderly Population: A Subgroup Analysis of the CHHiP Trial. International journal of radiation oncology*biology*physics, Vol.100 (5), pp. 1179-1189.

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Wilkins, A.C. Gusterson, B. Szijgyarto, Z. Haviland, J. Griffin, C. Stuttle, C. Daley, F. Corbishley, C.M. Dearnaley, D.P. Hall, E. Somaiah, N. (2018). Ki67 Is an Independent Predictor of Recurrence in the Largest Randomized Trial of 3 Radiation Fractionation Schedules in Localized Prostate Cancer. International journal of radiation oncology*biology*physics, Vol.101 (2), pp. 309-315.

Nutting, C.M. Morden, J.P. Beasley, M. Bhide, S. Cook, A. De Winton, E. Emson, M. Evans, M. Fresco, L. Gollins, S. Gujral, D. Harrington, K. Joseph, M. Lemon, C. Luxon, L. van den Blink, Q. Mendes, R. Miah, A. Newbold, K. Prestwich, R. Robinson, M. Sanghera, P. Simpson, J. Sivaramalingam, M. Srihari, N.N. Sydenham, M. Wells, E. Witts, S. Hall, E. (2018). Results of a multicentre randomised controlled trial of cochlear-sparing intensity-modulated radiotherapy versus conventional radiotherapy in patients with parotid cancer (COSTAR; CRUK/08/004). European journal of cancer, Vol.103, pp. 249-258.

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Sharma, R.A. Plummer, R. Stock, J.K. Greenhalgh, T.A. Ataman, O. Kelly, S. Clay, R. Adams, R.A. Baird, R.D. Billingham, L. Brown, S.R. Buckland, S. Bulbeck, H. Chalmers, A.J. Clack, G. Cranston, A.N. Damstrup, L. Ferraldeschi, R. Forster, M.D. Golec, J. Hagan, R.M. Hall, E. Hanauske, A.-. Harrington, K.J. Haswell, T. Hawkins, M.A. Illidge, T. Jones, H. Kennedy, A.S. McDonald, F. Melcher, T. O'Connor, J.P. Pollard, J.R. Saunders, M.P. Sebag-Montefiore, D. Smitt, M. Staffurth, J. Stratford, I.J. Wedge, S.R. NCRI CTRad Academia-Pharma Joint Working Group, Clinical development of new drug-radiotherapy combinations. Nat rev clin oncol, Vol.13 (10), pp. 627-642.  show abstract

Hall, E. Systematic review of methodology used in clinical studies evaluating the benefits of proton beam therapy Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology. Clinical and translational radiation oncology, .

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