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BSc (Hons) Molecular Biology, University College London.

MSc Computing Science, Imperial College.

PhD Computational Biology, University of Cambridge, MRC LMB.

Awards, Prizes or Honours

Elected one of the University of London's 150th Anniversary Leading Women, University of London, 2018.

AACR Team Science Award (awarded to ICR's Cancer Therapeutics and Drug Develoment Units), American Association for Cancer Research, 2012.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship, Howard Hughes Medical Insitute, 1999-2001.

External Committees

Early Detection Research Committee, Member, cruk, 2018.

Scientific Advisory Board, Member from 2016 (Chair 2016-17), Open Targets, 2016.

Early detection: Novel AI approaches to medical image interpretation - Funding Panel, Member, CRUK, 2019-2019.

Cancer Strategy Expert Panel, Member, Health Data Research UK, 2018-2018.

Biomedical Resource and Technology Development Committee, Expert Advisor, Wellcome Trust, 2019-2019.

Discussion Meeting on Data as Resource, Member, Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, 2018-2018.

Scientific Advisory Board, Member, New York Genome Centre, 2019.

Expert Advisory panel on Informatics for Drug Dicovery, Member, Astex Pharmaceuticals, 2018-2018.

EU OPENSCREEN grant review panel, Member, EU OPENSCREEN, 2018-2018.

Review Panel, Member, Centre for Digital Life Norway, 2014-2018.

Judging Panel -We are the City Rising Stars Awards - Science Engineering and Healthcare, Judge, We are the City, 2018-2018.

Life Sciences, Chemical Biology Jury, Member, Vienna Science and Technology Fund, 2017-2018.

The Future of Cancer Research Advisory Panel, Member, University of Leeds, 2017-2017.

Expert Panel; Technology and Process Development in Cancer Research, Member, CRUK, 2017-2017.

Special Interest Committee Roundtable Session for Enabling & Integrative Biodata towards Precision Medicine, Member, Front Line Genomics, 2017-2017.

Scientific Advisory Panel on Target Selection for Drug Discovery, Member, Astex Pharamceuticals, 2017-2017.

CRUK Big Data Advisory Panel and co-author of CRUK white paper on Big Data in Biomedical Research, Member, CRUK, 2016-2017.

Informatics Initiative Scientific Review Panel, Member, New York Genome Centre, 2018-2018.

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