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Hudson, L., Mui, J., Vázquez, S., Carvalho, D.M., Williams, E., Jones, C., Bullock, A.N. & Hoelder, S. (2018). Novel Quinazolinone Inhibitors of ALK2 Flip between Alternate Binding Modes: Structure–Activity Relationship, Structural Characterization, Kinase Profiling, and Cellular Proof of Concept. Journal of medicinal chemistry, Vol.61 (16), pp. 7261-7272.

Woodward, H.L., Innocenti, P., Cheung, K.-., Hayes, A., Roberts, J., Henley, A.T., Faisal, A., Mak, G.W., Box, G., Westwood, I.M., et al. (2018). Introduction of a Methyl Group Curbs Metabolism of Pyrido[3,4- d]pyrimidine Monopolar Spindle 1 (MPS1) Inhibitors and Enables the Discovery of the Phase 1 Clinical Candidate N2-(2-Ethoxy-4-(4-methyl-4 H-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl)phenyl)-6-methyl- N8-neopentylpyrido[3,4- d]pyrimidine-2,8-diamine (BOS172722). J med chem, Vol.61 (18), pp. 8226-8240.  show abstract

McGrath, S., Tortorici, M., Drouin, L., Solanki, S., Vidler, L., Westwood, I., Gimeson, P., Van Montfort, R. & Hoelder, S. (2017). Structure-Enabled Discovery of a Stapled Peptide Inhibitor to Target the Oncogenic Transcriptional Repressor TLE1. Chemistry - a european journal, Vol.23 (40), pp. 9577-9584.

Innocenti, P., Woodward, H.L., Solanki, S., Naud, S., Westwood, I.M., Cronin, N., Hayes, A., Roberts, J., Henley, A.T., Baker, R., et al. (2016). Rapid Discovery of Pyrido[3,4-d]pyrimidine Inhibitors of Monopolar Spindle Kinase 1 (MPS1) Using a Structure-Based Hybridization Approach. J med chem, Vol.59 (8), pp. 3671-3688.  show abstract

Drouin, L., McGrath, S., Vidler, L.R., Chaikuad, A., Monteiro, O., Tallant, C., Philpott, M., Rogers, C., Fedorov, O., Liu, M., et al. (2015). Structure enabled design of BAZ2-ICR, a chemical probe targeting the bromodomains of BAZ2A and BAZ2B. J med chem, Vol.58 (5), pp. 2553-2559.  show abstract

Gurden, M.D., Westwood, I.M., Faisal, A., Naud, S., Cheung, K.-., McAndrew, C., Wood, A., Schmitt, J., Boxall, K., Mak, G., et al. (2015). Naturally Occurring Mutations in the MPS1 Gene Predispose Cells to Kinase Inhibitor Drug Resistance. Cancer research, Vol.75 (16), pp. 3340-3354.

Innocenti, P., Woodward, H., O'Fee, L. & Hoelder, S. (2015). Expanding the scope of fused pyrimidines as kinase inhibitor scaffolds: synthesis and modification of pyrido[3,4-d]pyrimidines. Org biomol chem, Vol.13 (3), pp. 893-904.  show abstract

Innocenti, P., Cheung, K.-., Solanki, S., Mas-Droux, C., Rowan, F., Yeoh, S., Boxall, K., Westlake, M., Pickard, L., Hardy, T., et al. (2012). Design of potent and selective hybrid inhibitors of the mitotic kinase Nek2: structure-activity relationship, structural biology, and cellular activity. J med chem, Vol.55 (7), pp. 3228-3241.  show abstract

Vidler, L.R., Brown, N., Knapp, S. & Hoelder, S. (2012). Druggability analysis and structural classification of bromodomain acetyl-lysine binding sites. J med chem, Vol.55 (17), pp. 7346-7359.  show abstract

Watts, E., Heidenreich, D., Tucker, E., Raab, M., Strebhardt, K., Chesler, L., Knapp, S., Bellenie, B. & Hoelder, S. Designing Dual Inhibitors of Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK) and Bromodomain-4 (BRD4) by Tuning Kinase Selectivity. Journal of medicinal chemistry, .