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Chabanon, R.M., Muirhead, G., Krastev, D.B., Adam, J., Morel, D., Garrido, M., Lamb, A., Hénon, C., Dorvault, N., Rouanne, M., et al. (2019). PARP inhibition enhances tumor cell-intrinsic immunity in ERCC1-deficient non-small cell lung cancer. J clin invest, Vol.129 (3), pp. 1211-1228.  show abstract

Bajrami, I., Marlow, R., van de Ven, M., Brough, R., Pemberton, H.N., Frankum, J., Song, F., Rafiq, R., Konde, A., Krastev, D.B., et al. (2018). E-Cadherin/ROS1 Inhibitor Synthetic Lethality in Breast Cancer. Cancer discov, Vol.8 (4), pp. 498-515.  show abstract

Noordermeer, S.M., Adam, S., Setiaputra, D., Barazas, M., Pettitt, S.J., Ling, A.K., Olivieri, M., Álvarez-Quilón, A., Moatti, N., Zimmermann, M., et al. (2018). The shieldin complex mediates 53BP1-dependent DNA repair. Nature, Vol.560 (7716), pp. 117-121.  show abstract

Pettitt, S.J., Krastev, D.B., Brandsma, I., Dréan, A., Song, F., Aleksandrov, R., Harrell, M.I., Menon, M., Brough, R., Campbell, J., et al. (2018). Genome-wide and high-density CRISPR-Cas9 screens identify point mutations in PARP1 causing PARP inhibitor resistance. Nat commun, Vol.9 (1), p. 1849.  show abstract

Holme, H., Gulati, A., Brough, R., Fleuren, E.D., Bajrami, I., Campbell, J., Chong, I.Y., Costa-Cabral, S., Elliott, R., Fenton, T., et al. (2018). Chemosensitivity profiling of osteosarcoma tumour cell lines identifies a model of BRCAness. Sci rep, Vol.8 (1), p. 10614.  show abstract

Brough, R., Gulati, A., Haider, S., Kumar, R., Campbell, J., Knudsen, E., Pettitt, S.J., Ryan, C.J. & Lord, C.J. (2018). Identification of highly penetrant Rb-related synthetic lethal interactions in triple negative breast cancer. Oncogene, .  show abstract

Krastev, D.B., Pettitt, S.J., Campbell, J., Song, F., Tanos, B.E., Stoynov, S.S., Ashworth, A. & Lord, C.J. (2018). Coupling bimolecular PARylation biosensors with genetic screens to identify PARylation targets. Nat commun, Vol.9 (1), p. 2016.  show abstract

Pettitt, S.J., Krastev, D.B., Pemberton, H.N., Fontebasso, Y., Frankum, J., Rehman, F.L., Brough, R., Song, F., Bajrami, I., Rafiq, R., et al. (2017). Genome-wide barcoded transposon screen for cancer drug sensitivity in haploid mouse embryonic stem cells. Sci data, Vol.4, p. 170020.  show abstract

Dréan, A., Williamson, C.T., Brough, R., Brandsma, I., Menon, M., Konde, A., Garcia-Murillas, I., Pemberton, H.N., Frankum, J., Rafiq, R., et al. (2017). Modeling Therapy Resistance in BRCA1/2-Mutant Cancers. Mol cancer ther, Vol.16 (9), pp. 2022-2034.  show abstract

Nikkilä, J., Kumar, R., Campbell, J., Brandsma, I., Pemberton, H.N., Wallberg, F., Nagy, K., Scheer, I., Vertessy, B.G., Serebrenik, A.A., et al. (2017). Elevated APOBEC3B expression drives a kataegic-like mutation signature and replication stress-related therapeutic vulnerabilities in p53-defective cells. Br j cancer, Vol.117 (1), pp. 113-123.  show abstract

Pettitt, S.J., Tan, E.-. & Yusa, K. (2015). piggyBac transposon-based insertional mutagenesis in mouse haploid embryonic stem cells. Methods mol biol, Vol.1239, pp. 15-28.  show abstract

Li, M.A., Pettitt, S.J., Eckert, S., Ning, Z., Rice, S., Cadiñanos, J., Yusa, K., Conte, N. & Bradley, A. (2013). The piggyBac transposon displays local and distant reintegration preferences and can cause mutations at noncanonical integration sites. Mol cell biol, Vol.33 (7), pp. 1317-1330.  show abstract

Pettitt, S.J., Rehman, F.L., Bajrami, I., Pemberton, H., Brough, R., Kozarewa, I., Lord, C.J. & Ashworth, A. (2013). A transposon-based genetic screen in haploid mouse embryonic stem cells identifies Parp1 as a major mediator of olaparib toxicity. Molecular cancer therapeutics, Vol.12 (5).

Pettitt, S.J., Rehman, F.L., Bajrami, I., Brough, R., Wallberg, F., Kozarewa, I., Fenwick, K., Assiotis, I., Chen, L., Campbell, J., et al. (2013). A genetic screen using the PiggyBac transposon in haploid cells identifies Parp1 as a mediator of olaparib toxicity. Plos one, Vol.8 (4), p. e61520.  show abstract

Huang, Y., Pettitt, S.J., Guo, G., Liu, G., Li, M.A., Yang, F. & Bradley, A. (2012). Isolation of homozygous mutant mouse embryonic stem cells using a dual selection system. Nucleic acids res, Vol.40 (3), p. e21.  show abstract

Li, M.A., Pettitt, S.J., Yusa, K. & Bradley, A. (2010). Genome-wide forward genetic screens in mouse ES cells. Methods enzymol, Vol.477, pp. 217-242.  show abstract

Pettitt, S.J., Liang, Q., Rairdan, X.Y., Moran, J.L., Prosser, H.M., Beier, D.R., Lloyd, K.C., Bradley, A. & Skarnes, W.C. (2009). Agouti C57BL/6N embryonic stem cells for mouse genetic resources. Nat methods, Vol.6 (7), pp. 493-495.  show abstract

Pettitt, S. & Lord, C. PARP inhibitors and breast cancer – highlights and hang-ups. Expert review on precision medicine and drug development, .


Chabanon, R., Muirhead, G., Krastev, D., Adam, J., Garrido, M., Morel, D., Dorvault, N., Eychenne, T., Henon, C., Marlow, R., et al. (2018). PARP inhibitors activate cancer cell-intrinsic immunity via cGAS/STING in ERCC1-and BRCA1-defective contexts, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER, Vol.103, p.E26.

Badder, L., Herpers, B., Knight, E., Marlow, R., Pettitt, S., Larcombe-Young, D., Francesch-Domenech, E., Lomzik-Borowik, M., Rushton, A., Vader, W., et al. (2018). Towards in vitro oncology trials: drug testing in breast patient-derived organoid cultures, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER, Vol.103, p.E39.

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