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Research Projects

Dr Simon Robinson, Magnetic Resonance team

Current research projects/themes include

  • Evaluation and qualification of MRI biomarkers of diffuse adult and paediatric glioma, and neuroblastoma.
  • The role of platelet-derived growth factor, and effects of putative PDGF antagonists, on tumour vascular morphology and function.
  • Identification of in vivo biomarkers of tumour response to HIF-1 inhibition.
  • Evaluation and qualification of susceptibility MRI derived biomarkers of tumours with velocity CT imaging of vascular corrosion casts.
  • Imaging biomarkers in malignant bone disease.
  • Non-invasive imaging of tumour elasticity using MR elastography.
  • The use of intrinsic susceptibility (BOLD) MRI to assess tumour hypoxia.