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Antolin, A.A. Clarke, P.A. Collins, I. Workman, P. Al-Lazikani, B. (2021). Evolution of kinase polypharmacology across HSP90 drug discovery. Cell chemical biology, .  show abstract

Frame, S. Saladino, C. MacKay, C. Atrash, B. Sheldrake, P. McDonald, E. Clarke, P.A. Workman, P. Blake, D. Zheleva, D. (2020). Fadraciclib (CYC065), a novel CDK inhibitor, targets key pro-survival and oncogenic pathways in cancer. Plos one, Vol.15 (7), pp. e0234103-?.  show abstract

Rogers, R.F. Walton, M.I. Cherry, D.L. Collins, I. Clarke, P.A. Garrett, M.D. Workman, P. (2020). CHK1 Inhibition Is Synthetically Lethal with Loss of B-Family DNA Polymerase Function in Human Lung and Colorectal Cancer Cells. Cancer research, Vol.80 (8), pp. 1735-1747.  show abstract

Milton, C.K. Self, A.J. Clarke, P.A. Banerji, U. Piccioni, F. Root, D.E. Whittaker, S.R. (2020). A Genome-scale CRISPR Screen Identifies the ERBB and mTOR Signaling Networks as Key Determinants of Response to PI3K Inhibition in Pancreatic Cancer. Molecular cancer therapeutics, Vol.19 (7), pp. 1423-1435.  show abstract

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