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Dr Nick Orr

Team Leader

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Dr Nick Orr left the ICR in July 2017. While at the ICR he investigated how inherited genetic variation can contribute to breast cancer risk in women and men. His research group started exploring whether genetic information can help to predict an individual patient’s response to treatment. Team: Complex Trait Genetics

T +44 (0) 20 7153 5330


Dr Nick Orr studied for his BSc in Molecular Biology and PhD in Haematology and Genetics at the Queen’s University of Belfast and his Graduate Diploma in Statistics at University College London. He joined the US National Cancer Institute as a postdoctoral fellow in 2005 to work on the genetic epidemiology of prostate and breast cancer. He joined ICR as a staff scientist in 2008 and was appointed to the position of Career Development Faculty in 2012.

Dr Orr’s research focuses on investigating the contribution and mechanisms of action of inherited genetic variation to breast cancer risk in women and men. 

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